Insta Questions: A Peek at Instagram’s Newest Function!

instagram questions

The newest function was recently added to Instagram’s photo-sharing app. Users can now ask their followers questions, which they can then publicly respond to. This blog examines this feature as well as the precautions to take when using Instagram.

Instagram Stories: What Are They?

Instagram has a feature called Stories where users can upload an image or video for their followers to see. Instagram Stories vary from regular posts in that they are only accessible for 24 hours before being deleted.

instagram questions

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What Do Inquiries on Instagram Mean?

Once you have captured a photo or video that you wish to share on your story, questions can be added. To accomplish this, choose the poll sticker from the stickers tab.

After that, you may place the questions sticker on your article and request questions from your followers.

Your followers can ask you questions by putting them into the sticker’s answer box and submitting them to you for a response.

Swipe up to reveal the viewer’s list for that section of your tale to access the questions that have been asked of you.

Are the Inquiries Private?

Recently, there has been some misunderstanding regarding the anonymity of questions posted on Instagram stories.

Instagram questions are not private; the recipient will be able to identify you as the questioner. Your username will be deleted, though, if the person you’re emailing the question to decides to post it publicly.

It’s critical to keep in mind that, whether they want to be anonymous or not, the Instagram user you are contacting is a real person. It’s crucial to behave politely and respectfully on this service and any other question-and-answer site you utilize.

Who Can View My Responses?

You have a choice in how you respond to the inquiries made of you. A camera screen appears when you click to respond to a question, allowing you to take an image that will serve as the background for your response. You have the option to respond either publicly or privately after typing your response to the question.

  • Privately: You have the option to send the person who asked you your response in a private message.
  • Publically: You have the option of posting your response to your story for the benefit of all of your followers. It’s important to keep in mind that if you have a public account, your response will be visible to anybody who views your story.

You have the option of declining to respond to any of the queries. Any question in the question viewer can be deleted. You can always go talk to an adult you trust if someone asks you a question that is improper or makes you uncomfortable, and you can report or block the person.

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Things to Keep in Mind

Even while these questions can be utilized to learn more about your friends, there is a chance that this function will be abused. There have been complaints of users exploiting the function to pose distressing or disrespectful queries, particularly when they claim to be doing so anonymously.

Before you send a critical or nasty comment, keep in mind that there is a real person you are speaking to, and consider the impact that receiving it will have on them.

We Recommend

  • Consider the impact of your query on the other person.
  • Keep in mind that what you post will be visible to them. It is best not to pose a question if it will offend someone.
  • Report offensive inquiries
  • You can report a story or question to Instagram if you find one that you believe violates the platform’s rules of service.
  • Talk to a reliable person

If you are upset or worried about any question that has been asked of you, talk to a parent or teacher. You can reach Childline by dialing 0800 1111 as well.


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