Instagram Introduces New Parental Supervision Tool in India!

Instagram rolls out Parental Supervision tools, ‘Family Centre’ in India

We have today announced the introduction of parental control tools on Instagram in India in an effort to encourage parental involvement in their teen’s life. We are also introducing Family Center, a brand-new location where parents and guardians can get resources and instruments for monitoring from top authorities.

In order to better understand the requirements of parents and teenagers, we have been collaborating closely with professionals, parents, guardians, and young people from India. The greatest demand is still for tools and materials to teach parents about digital services.

Parents and guardians could assist their teenagers in managing their internet experiences with the help of this education. In March of this year, we introduced Parental Supervision Controls and a Family Center in the US. We are now bringing these to India.

Instagram rolls out Parental Supervision tools, ‘Family Centre’ in India

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New Instagram Monitoring Tools

The Instagram monitoring features that are currently accessible in India let parents and other responsible adults:

Control the amount of time their children and teenagers spend on Instagram by establishing screen time limits and planning breaks throughout the day and week.

View the accounts that their children follow and the accounts that follow them – enables you to keep track of Instagram connections made by your teren.

to receive a notification when their teen reports a person Teenagers have the option to inform you if they post a complaint on Instagram so you can talk about what happened.

We’re collaborating with, India’s top-rated and dependable parenting needs discovery portal, to interact with parents and raise awareness of the products.

Parents and guardians can invite their children to start using monitoring tools on Instagram. We’ll introduce more features and tools for supervision in Family Center over the coming months. We encourage guardians and parents to learn how to set up the monitoring tools.

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A Resource for Parents and Guardians on Education

A new educational hub is part of Family Center, where parents and guardians may access resources from experts and evaluate articles, videos, and advice on subjects including how to talk to kids about social media. To make the most of the platform, parents may now view video training on how to utilize the new supervision features.

To raise awareness of these services, we are collaborating with Yuvaa, a company that provides young media and insights.

Resources from India are available at The Family Center, which is now bilingual in English and Hindi.

Guide for parents.

Dealing with Exam Stress” handbook, created in collaboration with Sangath and Fortis Mental Health.

An LGBTQ safety online guide created in collaboration with the Queer Muslim Project

The “Building Health Digital Habits” handbook was created in collaboration with Young Leaders for Active Citizenship (YLAC).

guides for managing your mental health and creating safe spaces.


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