Instapro App: Download, features and More!

instapro apk download

A social media application created by Atnfas Hoak is called InstaPro. An altered version of Instagram is provided by this free software. You can get certain useful services here that are typically not available on well-known social media platforms.

You may download Instagram posts, stories, reels, and IGTV videos with InstaPro. Better yet, you can download the images in their highest resolution. Additionally, you have capabilities for protecting user privacy, like the ability to hide views of your adverts and stories.

In order to view any link directly, it also comes with a web browser. Your safety is not assured, though, as this is unrelated to Instagram.

instapro apk download

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What Are the Uses of Insta Pro?

The most well-known photo-sharing app is probably Instagram. The social network for images has the most users and followers. It is also used by brands and content producers to market, advertise, and promote themselves.

However, there are numerous restrictions on this Meta service. You cannot download a picture via the app, to start with. A post must be screenshotted in order to be saved in your gallery.

This and other services are offered by InstaPro. It is a customized version of Instagram, as previously said, delivering all of the same features as IG with additional tools.

You may save a copy of any Instagram picture using the app’s built-in downloader. Additionally, it enables you to download them in the best resolution possible. Additionally, you may download IGTV stories, videos, and even snippets.

The app expands on its capabilities by including a built-in browser that can view any link. Even better, posts are instantly translated into English, Russian, Turkish, and Ukrainian using Google Translation and Yandex’s translation engines.

InstaPro has a built-in app locker for extra security. Even your timeline updates and stories can have advertising hidden from view. However, Android 6.0 is the very minimum operating system required.

Do You Want to Utilize It?

In general, InstaPro enables you to maximize your Instagram experience. You are able to carry out tasks here that are otherwise prohibited in the social app. From the app, you may download photographs and videos and even open URLs. Furthermore, neither an Xposed Framework nor a rooted phone is required to use it. Safety is not assured, just like with other third-party applications.


  • Allows download of timeline posts, stories, and IGTV
  • Built-in web browser
  • Built-in translator
  • Hides advertisements


  • Safety is not guaranteed
  • Requires Android 6.0 and up


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