iOS 16 Beta 5 Adds ‘Copy And Delete’ Sharing Option, Brings Back Battery Percentage Screenshots: Report!

iOS 16 Beta 5 Adds 'Copy And Delete' Sharing Option, Brings Back Battery Percentage Screenshots: Report!

The much-anticipated battery percentage has finally been added to the status bar’s battery symbol in Apple’s just-released iOS 16 developer beta 5.

After the release of Apple’s iPhone X, which also featured a large display notch (which houses the hardware required for Apple’s Face ID facial recognition technology) and left little room in the status bar, the battery percentage feature—which had been positioned next to the battery icon—was eliminated.

Additionally, iOS 16 beta 5 adds a new “Copy and Delete” option when sharing screenshots.

The battery % is now displayed to the left of the battery icon in the status bar, which is considerably different from the previous arrangement (now viewable on all iPad models save for recent Pros), as described by The Verge.

The updated design now displays the battery level (in numbers) inside the battery status symbol, very similar to what is seen on Indian market Oppo, Vivo, and Realme smartphones.

The new battery percentage function, according to the source, must be turned on by going to Settings>Battery>Battery Percentage and clicking the corresponding toggle.

iOS 16 Beta 5 Adds 'Copy And Delete' Sharing Option, Brings Back Battery Percentage Screenshots: Report!

According to Apple Software Updates (@AppleSWUpdates), the toggle is also absent from the iPhone 11, 12 mini, and 13 mini. The company speculates that this is because there isn’t enough room.

The battery % is currently only accessible by executing an additional swipe down to Control Center due to the fact that the majority of iPhones are now shipping with Face ID and the notch (with the exception of the iPhone SE and SE 2022).

With the release of the iPhone OS 3.0 software update in 2009, the option to see battery percentage was first made available on the iPhone 3GS model.

9to5Mac reported this. Additionally, Apple has added a new “Copy and Delete” option for sharing screenshots. Only iOS 16 beta 5 has the feature been released.

Basically, the new functionality eliminates the need to manually erase a screenshot after sharing it to an app by allowing users to copy screenshots to the clipboard rather than automatically saving them to Photos (which appears when hitting the Done button).

iOS 16 Beta 5 Adds 'Copy And Delete' Sharing Option, Brings Back Battery Percentage Screenshots: Report!

This also lessens the number of screenshots that accumulate in the Photos app because the screenshot is kept in the clipboard rather than being saved there.

Numerous other changes and bug fixes are included in the changelog for iOS 16 developer beta 6.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the aforementioned features have already appeared in developer beta builds, thus there is a significant chance that they will be removed from the release version depending on user response.


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