iPhone 14 Models May Have Used A Patented Light-Folding Projector To Reduce The Size Of The Notch: Report

iPhone 14 Models May Have Used A Patented Light-Folding Projector To Reduce The Size Of The Notch: Report

According to a source citing an Apple patent application submitted to the US Patent & Trademark Office, the iPhone 14 series models may have used a light-folded projector to minimize the notch (USPTO).

The pro models are rumored to have a hole-punch display with a pill-shaped cutout, while the non-pro models might have a smaller notch.

The patent, according to the article, does not specifically state which models would receive this technology, but it is assumed that it will be available on all models of the iPhone 14 series.

A patent cited by Patently Apple, it discusses technology with a camera, an IR light emitter, and a “light folding element” and cites a patent that was submitted to the USPTO.

According to reports, this component may refocus IR light to increase the phone’s display area and minimize the component footprint.

The light folding element, according to the patent, can offer “greater freedom for arranging the IR light emitter with regard to the other components, such as the IR detector and front-facing camera.”

The requirement to install the IR light emitter at a certain location is virtually eliminated by the IR light folding element, which may alter the transmission direction of the IR light.

iPhone 14 Models May Have Used A Patented Light-Folding Projector To Reduce The Size Of The Notch: Report


With this advancement, it was possible to “install at a place with less-constrained space, use the light folding element to project the IR light in a specific direction, reduce the total size of the imaging and sensing components, and lessen the size of a notch.” It has a similar sound to the technology used in smartphone zoom cameras similar to Periscope.

The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will reportedly have a pill-shaped hole-punch cutout, according to reports. The non-professional iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max are rumored to receive a lower notch.

Although claims claiming a redesign for the iPhone 14 series has often appeared online, Apple has not yet confirmed the development of these models. One instance was the disclosure of pictures of the front panels of various iPhone models.

The rumored pill-shaped hole-punch design can be seen in a recent leak of an alleged iPhone 14 Pro dummy model. According to rumors, both the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max would have displays that are 6.06 inches and 6.7 inches, respectively.

The iPhone 14 series will be released by Apple on September 7. Apple Watch Series 8 models, iOS 16, and watchOS 9 are also anticipated to be unveiled at the event. In our report, you may read about every rumor surrounding the launch.


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