iPhone 8 Rumor Roundup Part 1



Apple released the iPhone 7 on 16 September 2016. Even though it's only four months old, there's already several rumors flying around suggesting that the next iPhone might be a major step forward in design and not an incremental update.


Apple have never included wireless charging with any iPhone. The current iPhone 7 as well as the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6 have metal bodies that prevent wireless charging technology from working.

One of the latest rumors about the iPhone 8 is that Apple might be returning to a glass back, similar to the iPhone 4S, to allow wireless charging to work. However, we are unsure if this means that the rest of the phone will be aluminum or steel. We think that the new iPhone will indeed be built from aluminum but will probably be using a forged process instead of the current process of machining the phone's chassis from a piece of aluminum.
The advantage of forged aluminum is increased strength which should solve any possible bending issues.


We assume that Apple will skip the iPhone 7S name and moving directly to iPhone 8 if the new iPhone is a major upgrade. We hope that the iPhone 8 is a big improvement since the last few iPhones having proven to be minor improvements over their predecessors.


These are two of the rumors we thought were worth mentioning but there's still talk of sapphire glass being used instead of Gorilla glass, a capacitive home button instead of the current integrated home button/fingerprint sensor, improved water proofing and maybe an OLED display.

We also hope Apple abandon their proprietary Lightning connector and move to USB Type-C but that's probably a bridge too far.

Stay tuned for more iPhone 8 rumors while we countdown the months to it's release.

What feature do you want on the new iPhone?


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