Is It unlikely Oxygen OS to be rebranded as ‘H2OOS’? Find Out Here

This rumor’s originator made a huge blunder, so it’s probably false. This week, a rumor began circulating that OnePlus and Oppo were considering using the name “H2OOS” for their upcoming unified operating system.

Despite this, a trademark application filed seven years ago is the basis for the rumor.
We don’t believe that OnePlus has been planning this merger for that long, so we’re not expecting it to happen.

Since the recent merger between OnePlus and Oppo, both companies’ Android skins, OxygenOS and ColorOS, have been actively developed into a unified skin. This integration process has not yet been completed, but once it has, the companies will be able to evolve their names. According to a recent rumor, OxygenOS-ColosOS could be the name of a unified skin, but this has not yet been confirmed.

Will OxygenOS -> H2O OS, be?

On Twitter yesterday, a rumor began to spread. The focus of the speculation was on a possible new name for the operating system that will be developed by OnePlus and Oppo. For now, both OnePlus and Oppo have their own operating systems, but they are expected to merge into one later this year.

H2OOS” was suggested by Mukul Sharma as a possible new name. OnePlus has previously used the names Oxygen OS and Hydrogen OS. This would be a combination of the two. OnePlus used to call Oxygen OS in China “Oxygen OS” before it began using Color OS in China.

According to Sharma, the trademark application for the name “H2OOS” that OnePlus made is proof of this rumor. In light of this, it appears as tho there is substantial proof. There is only one problem: the trademark was registered seven years ago. According to the OnePlus 2’s release date, it was around that time of year.

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H2OOS might be the Official Name

One thing to keep in mind is that OnePlus may still use the H2O OS nickname. There is, however, a slim chance that this will happen! There is no doubt that OnePlus and Oppo smartphones will have their names changed, regardless of whether or not the unified OS update is released.

Does this rule out the possibility of a merged Oxygen OS and Color OS? No doubt about it. However, it greatly reduces the likelihood of the rumor being true, so you shouldn’t be alarmed.

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According to this theory, the name of this operating system should be revealed in conjunction with the official launch of the OnePlus 10 Pro. That hasn’t happened yet, but it will probably happen within the next several months. For the time being, keep your skepticism up!

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