It is now possible to track NASA’s satellites!

NASA has launched a Google Earth of a particular kind: its Eyes on Earth site offers the Internet user a 3D representation of the Earth, as well as the real-time trajectory of the satellites of the American space agency, which fuse at impressive speed above our heads.

Another major interest of the site: to discover in one click the mission of the various space objects, as explained by our colleagues from Numerama, Saturday, November 20, 2021. The curious will for example be able to discover that Suomi NPP, launched into orbit 10 years ago and 24 days, is a meteorological satellite that monitors, among other things, atmospheric changes, ocean trends and cloud cover.

Eyes on Earth does not stop at identifying space traffic jams. Ocean level, air temperature, carbon monoxide concentration … The site reveals valuable information on the state of our planet, gleaned by NASA’s many satellites. “The graphics are as rich as the data, which allows for fascinating dives into science, to get to know the planet better,” the space agency said on its website. Attention aspiring astronomers!

Nancy Hutt

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