Jamie Chung On Her Relationship With Bryan Greenberg Following The Birth Of Twins

Jamie Chung On Her Relationship With Bryan Greenberg Following The Birth Of Twins

Maintaining the flame. Jamie Chung is speaking up about her marriage to Bryan Greenberg now that she is a twin mother.

In October 2021, when she and Greenberg welcomed their boys into the world, the 39-year-old actress, best known for her appearances in The Real World: San Diego and Lovecraft Country, assumed a completely different position.

I’m sorry. Chung said, “I would say the dream role that I never thought that I would be excellent at would be a mom. I think this is the dream part, and I never imagined I would adore it as much as I do.

Jamie Chung jokingly said that in the last 12 months, she had found yet another “hidden skill.” I can do a diaper change in less than five seconds, even with the allegation. I can do that diaper change anyplace,” she chuckled.

Being a parent is not an easy job, especially when you have two kids. “Not losing yourself as a parent,” according to Chung, is the toughest task. It can be challenging at times to maintain one’s individuality and sanity amidst all the everyday craziness that comes with raising small children, she continued.

Jamie Chung On Her Relationship With Bryan Greenberg Following The Birth Of Twins

“You must look out for your own needs. You must allow yourself those ten, thirty, and hour-long periods of time so that you can take care of yourself.

Considering that you cannot lose your individuality, she added. “You’ll start to feel unhappy. You devote so much of yourself to keeping these infants healthy, content, amused, and calm. It simply never stops. Therefore, it’s crucial. You discover that moment on your own.

Since they began dating in 2012, Chung and Greenberg’s relationship has been widely publicized. They still manage to spend time together despite having twins now. Chung said, “We just had our first date.” Even while the kids are resting, we find the opportunity to connect. For example, when his parents were visiting, we went to a movie, which is quite a luxury.

Making time for one another is crucial, according to Chung: “When the kids go down, we find the time to check in on each other and make sure he’s doing OK and that I’m doing OK.

Jamie Chung On Her Relationship With Bryan Greenberg Following The Birth Of Twins

My experience in therapy has been very beneficial in helping me resolve all of my problems, and it’s something I don’t want to pass on to my children. I believe that we are all ongoing works in progress. Much work is still being done.

Chung discussed the difficulties of being a new mom while revealing her affiliation with The Huggies’ Baby Academy for Pups. It was the ideal collaboration, she declared. “Since I had a dog, our main worry when becoming parents was how the dog would react to the babies. When we first had our children, we had to conduct all of the research ourselves, so I wish this had been available.

Huggies is setting up the first-ever Baby Academy for Pups, a pop-up in NYC that provides exclusive experiences that acquaint dogs with all things baby, in order to assist in preparing canines for life with a new baby.


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