Jason Oppenheim Kisses Marie-Lou And Says, “I’m Happy” Post-Chrishell Split!

Jason Oppenheim Kisses Marie-Lou And Says, "I'm Happy" Post-Chrishell Split!

Moving on Seven months after divorcing co-star Chrishell Stause, Selling Sunset actor Jason Oppenheim engaged in intense PDA with Marie-Lou, according to Us Weekly.

The Oppenheim Group cofounder, 45, is “very happy and in a wonderful place,” a source told Us on Monday, July 11, the same day the Daily Mail acquired the sultry photos. The cofounder was seen kissing the model in Greece on Friday, July 8.

Although the real estate broker follows the influencer on Instagram, another insider told Us on Monday that it is only a passing romance. It seems to have been a chance hookup while he was in Mykonos. Nothing significant, according to the source.

After splitting from Stause, 40, in December 2021, the Netflix actor has been keeping a quiet profile in terms of dating. They opted not to film it since, in a later interview with Us, he described parting ways as “very tough.”

The real estate broker exclusively revealed to Us in April that it was “an extraordinarily stressful period” and that it was “probably a purposeful decision” that they weren’t videotaped together. My comfort level was low. It was an extremely challenging moment, I mean.

Jason Oppenheim Kisses Marie-Lou And Says, "I'm Happy" Post-Chrishell Split!

After many months of dating, Oppenheim decided to call it quits with the Kentucky native since she aspires to be a mother someday and he doesn’t want to have kids.

On the same day that the Us reported the two had split in December 2021, Stause herself gave an Instagram post-breakup explanation, citing it as the cause.

The amount of respect and affection she had for Jason will not alter moving forward, according to a statement she made at the time on social media. “Jason was and is my greatest friend, aside from the fact that our notions for a family ultimately don’t coincide,” she said.

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For his part, Oppenheim told Us of the split in April, “I think that I made the correct decision for me, but also I think it’s just really painful,” adding that he still “love[s] her still. I’ve got to. There is just a huge deal of loss since she is a wonderful woman.

Jason Oppenheim Kisses Marie-Lou And Says, "I'm Happy" Post-Chrishell Split!

Though this is the realtor’s first known relationship after divorcing Stause, his ex-girlfriend, who was wed to This Is Us actor Justin Hartley from 2017 to 2019, has been going strong with G Flip for months. Even though the two announced their romance in May, onlookers had previously observed the couple’s flirtatious Instagram posts as early as February.

At the Selling Sunset reunion in May, Stause made her first public declaration of love for the musician, who is 27.

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately with someone who is extremely important to me. They are nonbinary, thus they go by they/them, she said, adding that their name is G Flip.

The singer of “Get Me Outta Heregender “‘s identification was further discussed by Stause on Instagram shortly after she revealed her relationship.

They genuinely have a mixed-race feeling. Both male and female identities are recognized. She said that she “has always been drawn to male energy and I don’t care what the shape is,” which is perhaps why they connected on such a deep level so quickly.

Jason Oppenheim Kisses Marie-Lou And Says, "I'm Happy" Post-Chrishell Split!

When he saw his ex-girlfriend announce the reunion, Jason Oppenheim was genuinely glad for her and her new relationship.

For starters, they come across as a badass. In addition, I’m really pleased with the smile you’ve been sporting for the past few minutes,” he said to Stause. Therefore, I’m happy for you.


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