Joyce Carol Oates, Author Of Blonde, Gives The Film A Thumbs Up

Joyce Carol Oates, Author Of Blonde, Gives The Film A Thumbs Up

On Sept. 23, Netflix will release the eagerly anticipated Andrew Dominik-directed adaptation of JoycJoyce Carol Oates, Author Of Blonde, Gives The Film A Thumbs Up Carol Oates’ best-selling novel “Blonde,” which tells the story of Marilyn Monroe impersonator Norma Jeane Baker’s desperate life. It is expected to have its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival first. Oates admitted during a panel discussion at the 21st Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival in Switzerland that she had already watched the movie and likes it.

The filmmaker Andrew Dominik is quite talented. Instead of viewing it from the outside, from the standpoint of a guy looking at a woman, I believe he was successful in portraying Norma Jeane Baker’s experience from her point of view. He completely absorbed her viewpoint, according to Oates.

Oates investigated the subject of a weak Norma Jeane Baker losing her own identity and assuming the persona of Marilyn Monroe, a fully made-up character, in her book, released in 2000.

She achieved worldwide popularity, but that is not a reputation that can be maintained. A lot of money was made for many guys by this person, but not much for herself. She had insufficient funds for a decent funeral when she passed away at age 36, according to Oates.

The “Blonde” teaser features Norma Jeane Baker having her makeup applied while anxiously anticipating the appearance of Marilyn Monroe in her mirror. She spent hours changing into Marilyn, according to Oates. “I believe Ana de Armas, the amazing actress who plays her, needed four hours to complete her makeup.

Joyce Carol Oates, Author Of Blonde, Gives The Film A Thumbs Up

Consequently, they aren’t actually there when you see them on television. It’s a wonderful vision, but in order to make it your livelihood, you must go through a lot of pain. As Marilyn Monroe grew older, she continued to be cast in these parts often reserved for youthful stars, which made her feel ashamed. You can’t keep acting like this stupid blonde who is getting close to 40. Some claim that she killed herself. I may not always have that opinion. I believe she may have passed away from tremendous sadness.

Oates has penned more than 150 novels and short tales over the course of a career spanning more than 60 years. He was in attendance at the festival to serve as president of the international jury.

She has been a multiple Pulitzer Prize finalist, five-time Bram Stoker Prize winner, and has made a name for herself as an incisive observer of American culture. She is ferociously anti-Donald Trump on Twitter, where she has posted more than 136,000 posts.

Her latest book, “Babysitter,” which is based on a serial murderer who frequented the Detroit region when she lived there, will be released next month. The novel examines the terror and anxiety experienced during the event itself, as opposed to afterward. During the period of time when there is a condition of suspended tension before something comes to an end, “I wanted to track the emotions and how individuals cope and interact with one another.”

Joyce Carol Oates, Author Of Blonde, Gives The Film A Thumbs Up

The prolific author shared a glimpse into her writing process at NIFFF. She continues to teach creative writing at Princeton University at the age of 84. She said, “Think, fantasize, meditate, and take long walks alone to think about what you will work on before starting to truly write.”

She herself begins writing every day in the wee hours after an hour of running or walking. “As I’m jogging, I picture the conversations and the scenarios that are taking place. That way, you may construct the entire book before you start writing.

She also suggests to her pupils that they begin with brief writings. Every time you complete a text that you know is good, you feel content and accomplished.

A novel may be a burden since it may take you a very long time to finish it, which may make you feel depressed. You must be aware that many authors experience melancholy and an inclination toward sadness.

She expressed her grief at having so many unreported experiences that she believes she would never be able to record them in writing to Variety. Like most authors, I save hundreds of pages of notes and outlines in files and cabinets. I have many carefully plotted novels that I think have a lot of potentials, but I don’t have the time to write them. I am limited to working on one at a time. I feel awful because I have more writing to do than I will ever be able to.

Oates, who is from the United States, said that this was her first trip to Switzerland. “I’m just impressed and delighted to be in Switzerland, first of all,l because it’s a civilized country, and that’s sort of startling and original for someone who lives in the U.S., especially since 2016 with these vicious campaigns for Presidency, and our whole society has been very deeply polarised,” she said.

She told Variety that the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade in June was not at all shocking since “it has been very clear that there are two Americas since 2016.” “America has historically treated women quite harshly and puritanically.

Women have historically been viewed as inferior human beings throughout the 18th and 19th centuries. Passing legislation to restrict women is extremely natural in the United States since there has always been a bias against them.

Some individuals, however, believed that since the 1960s, we had advanced past that and had become more educated. However, the country is currently facing a complicated scenario in which a minority of Evangelical Christians have disproportionate authority.

Joyce Carol Oates, Author Of Blonde, Gives The Film A Thumbs Up

She claimed that because this minority is getting older and less powerful, it has recently become more aggressive. In regards to the younger generation, Oates is quite upbeat: “There is a lot of intolerance in the United States in some areas towards liberals, black people, women, immigrants, transgender, homosexual and lesbian people, a significant population that’s dreaded by the white minority of Christian Evangelicals.

Because of the increase in immigration and the number of children born to educated parents, I am hopeful about the future. Education is essential. In conclusion, I believe that the majority will get stronger and return to a more liberal stance on issues. This will occur in the following decades, perhaps in about 20 years.

When questioned about religion, the formerly Catholic novelist who became an atheist was as direct: “The natural skeptic writer is only interested in religion as a psychological and historical phenomenon.” As I grew older, it appeared to me that organized religion was a strategy for mind control and psychological manipulation so that people would accept realities that they shouldn’t have accepted.

In her book “A Book of American Martyrs,” which was released in 2017, pro-choice author Joyce Carol Oates deftly tackled the topic of abortion and dissected the opposing viewpoints of the assassin and his victim—respectively—anti-abortion evangelist Luther Dunphy and the abortion doctor Augustus Voorhees, as well as those of their daughters. One of the numerous skills possessed by the author from upstate New York is her ability to perfectly inhabit the roles of her characters.

According to her, there is no difference between writing from the perspective of a man or a woman, a young kid, or an elderly person. Finding a language that is distinctive enough to hold the writer’s interest is the writer’s biggest task. I have to establish a unique language for each novel because the task for the artist is to challenge oneself. The difficulty is in the phrase.

Oates has claimed in interviews that she lacks personality and is “as clear as a glass of water.” She avoids writing from her personal perspective and instead examines several viewpoints in her work. “I’m interested in reflecting the world back to it, watching other people, and seeing into experiences.

I don’t pass verdicts. I don’t care if I cast my own shadow on events. In Neuchâtel, she stated, “I am more concerned in representing the complexity of reality. If the situation was difficult, I would like to look at it from many angles rather than from just my own perspective.

She will definitely write an account of her life at some point, too. She protested, “I don’t have a narrative. “We have more than one. Your entire existence might be contained in one day, one hour, or both. I’ve never felt particularly inclined to write about myself. I’m much more intrigued by other people.


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