Julia Of My Unorthodox Life Sues Silvio For $257 Million Throughout Their Divorce!

Julia Of My Unorthodox Life Sues Silvio For $257 Million Throughout Their Divorce!

In the midst of their divorce, Julia Haart is suing Silvio Scaglia for more than $257 million.

The 51-year-old My Unorthodox Life co-star sued her estranged spouse, business partner, and co-star Scaglia, 63, on Friday after she filed for divorce in February, saying that Scaglia is a “liar and a fraud” who cheated her out of their enterprises.

Jeffrey Feinman of accounting firm DDK & Company and Elite World Group’s Group Chief Executive Officer Paolo Barbieri as defendants, Haart describes an alleged scheme on Scaglia’s behalf to defraud her of significant stocks and earnings from their fashion talent management banner Elite World Group (EWG) and parent company Freedom Holding, Inc. (FHI).

Silvio Scaglia’s attorney refuted her assertions, saying that Haart’s claims of 50 percent ownership had previously been dismissed by one court.

In June 2019, according to the 45-page complaint submitted to New York State Supreme Court, Scaglia “begged” his then-fiancée Haart to take on the role of CEO of EWG. She claims he persuaded her to agree to EWG paying a management fee of 2% of their yearly income to the parent company, over which they would be equal partners, rather than earning a salary from the business.

Julia Of My Unorthodox Life Sues Silvio For $257 Million Throughout Their Divorce!

“Haart justifiably relied on the claims made by Scaglia. They had been coworkers for a while and were also engaged to be married at the time, according to the lawsuit.

“Haart consented to this arrangement in part because she loved her fiance, who she knew needed money on a daily basis, but she also did so because Scaglia had promised that the shares he was transferring would make her a complete 50% owner of FHI.

Had Hart realized that Scaglia would subsequently assert that he had complete authority over the funds in FHI’s account, she would not have consented to this arrangement.

Scaglia never meant for Haart to be his equal partner or to share equal ownership and control of FHI, and she has subsequently discovered that all of his claims to her about her ownership and control of FHI were untrue.

Julia Haart contends that Scaglia falsely altered FHI’s articles of incorporation to grant himself preferred shares of the company’s stock before transferring 50% to her, rendering her control “purely illusory” and denying her the ability to stop Scaglia from pocketing all of the money EWG paid for Haart’s priceless services as CEO.

Julia Of My Unorthodox Life Sues Silvio For $257 Million Throughout Their Divorce!

The complaint claims that “Haart’s indentured slavery must be corrected.” “It cannot be that a guy can persuade his wife to forgo millions of dollars in income and benefits, along with a contract at the height of her career (and the security and independence such things come with), and then leave her with nothing when his bait-and-switch is uncovered.”

Scaglia’s attorney Lanny J. Davis of Davis Goldberg & Galper PLLC refutes the assertion. She has re-filed claims that a Delaware judge has previously rejected, finding that she does not control 50% of Mr. Scalia, Freedom, or any of the company’s assets, according to Davis.

After nearly three years of marriage and the filing of a divorce petition in February, Haart claimed she was unlawfully fired from her CEO role at EWG as part of his “personal vengeance.”

The complaint claimed that Scaglia engaged in “egregious, abusive, illegal behavior” by denying her access to the EWG office, canceling her business cards, cutting off phone service at their house, firing her aides, and spreading untrue information about her in the media.

In addition, Haart said that in recent weeks, he had “become increasingly aggressive, abusive, and unbalanced” with her and her kids.

With her ex-husband Yosef Hendler, Haart has four children: Batsheva Haart, Miriam Haart, Shlomo Haart, and Aron Hendler.)


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