Kendall Jenner Reveals Everything In Her Sunbathing Photo

Kendall Jenner Reveals Everything In Her Sunbathing Photo (Photo)

Just after splitting from NBA star Devin Booker, supermodel Kendall Jenner snapped a few pictures of herself sunbathing while absolutely bare.

There will only be a cap.

While only sporting an 818 Tequila baseball cap, the 26-year-old shot a pretty exposing picture of himself.

She relished the sunshine.

Kendall Jenner Reveals Everything In Her Sunbathing Photo (Photo)

On Sunday, the 26-year-old supermodel uploaded a photo of herself to Instagram, showing herself lounging in the sun while just sporting a green baseball cap.

The photo, which was taken while Kendall Jenner was on her stomach, shows her looking down at her smartphone as she basks in the sun on what seems to be a patio deck.

A video from inside a car, a picture of sushi, a slide showing her jumping while mounted, and more are all included in the lengthy post. Jenner used just one word as the caption.

Throughout the years, Jenner has never been afraid to release naked photos. She posted a number of naked images of herself in the bathtub in June 2019, and the following month she published a lewd Instagram shot from a photoshoot in which she was completely exposed.

The Kardashians star posed topless in April while lounging poolside with a bottle of her liquor business, 818 Tequila.

She was seen staring off into the horizon in an Instagram post when she was only wearing her purple swimsuit bottoms. Jenner had a bottle of her aged Anejo tequila in one hand and covered her chest with the other.

It was an Instagram photo dump.

The picture was posted on her official Instagram profile with simply a blushing emoji as a message. A picture of her riding a horse, a photograph of her driving a car into the sunset, a picture of a room full of plants that might have been the one she was in, and lastly a picture of a plate of sushi that looked appetizing were all added to the post.

There were several comments on the image.

Regarding the relationship she recently terminated with the Phoenix Suns player, a fan commented, “Tell me you and your bf broke up without telling me you and your bf broke up.”

They chose to part ways.

Kendall Jenner Reveals Everything In Her Sunbathing Photo (Photo)

The celebrity pair split up only last week after dating for two years, and according to a source who talked to Page Six, they simply weren’t on the same page. “While they care for each other, Devin was not going to propose marriage and his focus is his job,” the insider said. Kendall’s life is dominated by her profession as well.

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