KomikTap: Best Digital Comic Platform To Read Manga and Comics Online!


Nowadays, businesses of all sizes are turning to traffic analytics to understand how their website is performing and to identify any potential weaknesses. Traffic analytics can help your business identify which areas of your website are performing the best and which need improvement.

It can also tell you how your website ranks against your competitors’ websites. In this blog post, we will discuss Komiktap traffic analytics and how you can use it to improve your site’s performance and market share.

What is KomikTap?

KomikTap is a digital comics platform that offers users the ability to read and enjoy manga, comics, and graphic novels online. The site was launched in 2013 and has since become one of the most popular digital comic platforms in India.


KomikTap also offers users the ability to create their own content, share it with others and discover new comics and graphic novels. In addition to its own content, KomikTap hosts a wide range of manga, comics, and graphic novels from around the world.

The site also offers users the ability to track their reading progress, rate and review books, and join community discussions. KomikTap currently has a market share of around 15% among Indian webcomics readers.

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KomikTap Traffic Analytics

So, what does the KomikTap traffic analytics report say about the site’s current popularity and potential? According to the traffic analysis, KomikTap.in is seeing a decent amount of daily page views (almost 2 million) from around the globe. However, given that this site is relatively new, its market share is still rather low (just over 1%).


This could potentially change in the coming months as the site attracts more attention from users and potential advertisers. What are KomikTap’s main competitors? Interestingly enough, KomikTap doesn’t really have any significant direct competitors – at least not yet. However, there are a few similar sites that have been established recently and may be starting to pull away from KomikTap in terms of overall viewership.

For example, Komiksutra.com has been growing rapidly since it was launched just a couple of months ago – currently, it is seeing over 3 million pageviews per day! If KomikTap wants to stay ahead of the competition, it will need to continue developing new content and features that appeal to users worldwide.

KomikTap Market Share

Komiktap is the leading online comic strip aggregator in India with a user base of over 5 million registered users. The site has been ranked 4th on the list of most popular websites in India by Alexa, and 3rd on the list of top 10 websites in India by SimilarWeb.


KomikTap was founded in April 2013 by Saurabh Agarwal, a serial entrepreneur and computer science graduate from IIT Bombay. Komik Tap’s core product is an online comic strip aggregator that allows users to browse, read, and share comics from more than 2,000 different webcomics. The site also offers syndication tools for content creators and a library of comic strips hosted on its servers.

Since its launch, KomikTap has consistently ranked among the top five most popular websites in India. In January 2018, KomikTap became the fourth Indian website to be added to Google’s Search Partners program, joining Amazon (India), Flipkart (India), and Uber (India).


In terms of traffic analytics, KomikTap reports monthly average daily visits across desktop and mobile devices of over 1 million. In July 2017, KomikTap announced that it had surpassed 5 million registered users and had become the fastest-growing website in India.

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KomikTap Competitors

  • KomikTap is one of the most popular and well-known Komiktap sites on the Indian web. The site has a large following and attracts a significant amount of traffic.
  • Competitors include Webtoons (owned by Turner Broadcasting System), Saavn (owned by Times Internet), Tapastic (owned by Cartoon Network), and GoComics.
  • The site’s popularity can be attributed to its excellent content, which is updated regularly. The site also features high-quality images and animations, which add to the appeal of the content.
  • In terms of competition, KomikTap faces stiff competition from other popular Komiktapsites such as TapakTapi and KukuKuku. These sites also feature excellent content but tend to attract a smaller audience than KomikTap.

Alternative Sites to KomikTap

KomikTap is one of the most popular Indian comic websites. It has a large database of comics, and also allows users to create and share their own comics. KomikTap also has an extensive commenting system, which makes it a popular destination for the discussion of Indian comics.


In terms of traffic, KomikTap is far behind its competitors. However, it does have a large user base, and as such can still be profitable for those who are able to monetize their site effectively.


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