Libson Money Heist: What Was Her Role? Is She Died? Here’s Everything You Need To Know!!

Libson Money Heist

An espionage criminal drama series called “Money Heist” was made by Alex Pina.

On two separate occasions, the Professor (Alvaro Morte) leads a long-planned heist on the Royal Mint of Spain and a bank robbery, both of which are told from Tokyo’s (Arrsula Corberó) perspective. Flashbacks, time-jumping, obfuscated motivations of characters, and an unreliable narrator all contribute to the story’s complexity.

The series was originally planned to be a two-part series. It aired for 15 weeks on the Spanish television network Antena 3 between May 2nd and November 23rd of last year.

In a word, this is a heist.

Seasons 1 through 5 follow the plot of a heist as planned by The Professor (the show’s protagonist) and his brother, who plant every last detail to ensure its completion.

They attempt two robberies, one at the Royal Mint of Spain and one at the Bank of Spain, and both are successful. But it wasn’t a simple process.

Money Heist robbers used the name of the city they robbed in order to conceal their true identities. Rafael Murillo is known as Lisbon and Sergio Marquina is known as The Professor.

Money heist is packed with amazing characters like Tokyo, Nairobi, and Helsinki as well as the rest of the group. The Professor and the Lisbon Money Heist, on the other hand, will be the focus of this story.

The name Lisbon is a mystery.

Libson Money Heist

She joins the gang in the Philippines a year after she frees the professor. She uses the name of a city (Lisbon) to cover her identity like the rest of the gang members.

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Playing a part in the show

A police officer who was tasked with stopping the theft and capturing The Professor was played by Raquel in the first season of the show. There was no way to beat The Professor’s intellect, no matter how hard she and her entire team fought

The Professor and Raquel meet in a coffee shop in the middle of a theft, and Raquel feels like she wants to start a relationship with The Professor. To facilitate the robbery, though, he was gathering information.

Raquel falls in love with The Professor later in season one, and even The Professor is unable to resist and loses his heart for Raquel. Raquel discovers that The Professor is the man she has been hunting for all her life after they make out a few times.

She was unable to apprehend him since the lecturer had persuaded her that:

regular folks will not be affected by the theft

Libson Money Heist

If Raquel’s folks (police) discover that she is sleeping with a criminal, they will arrest her.

It was not my intention to get enamored with her.

Raquel Murillo is caught in a circumstance where she has no choice but to accept what she’s been dealt. As a result, she decides to stick with The Professor and adopts the alias “Lisbon” in order to take part in the robbery. It may not sound like the perfect love, but you’ll be convinced after you see the series.

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Is Raquel Murillo died?

‘Money Heist(made by Alex Pina)  season 5 part 2 did not see the death of Lisbon. While in a helicopter flying out of the nation, she and the others are pictured together.

When did Raquel first learn that Salva was the Professor?

When they were discussing a romantic retreat, a stray red hair on the front of his jacket was all it took for Raquel to realize that “Salva” was actually the Professor.

In what way did Professor know that Lisbon was still going on?

The Professor was the one who saved Tokyo’s life by preventing her from returning home. After the talk with Tokyo, the Professor understands that Lisbon is alive.

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How many times did Raquel save The Professor?

Libson Money Heist

The professor used to cause a lot of problems for students. Raquel saved the professor’s life in the following instances:

During her fake execution, Raquel Murillo left enough proof that she was still alive.

The Professor would have crumbled if he believed Raquel was murdered, and the scheme would have failed.

Raquel was instrumental in persuading Alicia Sierra to join the team after she had captured The Professor.

More than once, Raquel appeared to save the professor’s plot and the plan itself from failure.

Is Raquel’s information being withheld from her by The Professor?

Was there any wrongdoing in The Professor’s decision to withhold information? It was for the good of the team that he did so.

As an example, Raquel and the rest of the squad had complete faith in The Professor when he was the only one who knew how to get out of the Bank of Spain in the past season.

Even Raquel had no doubts about the professor’s ability to protect her, and she was certain that he had her best interests at heart.

The robbery claimed the lives of Nairobi, Tokyo, and Oslo, but Lisbon and The Professor were spared. They’ll be happily boarding the plane with the rest of the group.

When they were finally able to go, it was a great feeling. The idea worked out for both of them, and they had a lot of fun in the process.


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