When LinkedIn began distributing “AI-powered conversation starters” earlier this month to increase engagement on its platform, the move saw more than a little engagement of its own, none of it particularly favourable.

Yet the reality is that LinkedIn has been heavily utilizing AI and other forms of automation throughout various elements of its platform for years, mostly in the background with how it develops and manages its network. With its owner Microsoft going all-in on OpenAI, it appears that OpenAI is now playing a bigger role in LinkedIn’s front-end strategy, with the latest developments occurring today in the areas of LinkedIn profiles, hiring, and LinkedIn Learning.

In order to help people improve their LinkedIn profiles and recruiters write job descriptions, the business is launching AI-powered writing ideas today. According to LinkedIn’s chief product officer, Tomer Cohen, both are constructed using sophisticated GPT models. GPT-4 is the format used by LinkedIn for customised profiles, and GPT-3.5 is used for job descriptions. In addition, the business is putting more of an emphasis on AI in LinkedIn Learning, gathering 100 courses on the topic and adding 20 more that are solely dedicated to generative AI.

The AI-writing prompts for profiles are intended to assist people who struggle to write their own alluring summaries of who they are, but who may at least be able to spell out some of what they’ve done. The AI will then translate this information into a more flowing narrative.

The startup says its technology “identifies the most significant abilities and experiences to highlight in your About and Headline sections, and generates ideas to make your profile stand out. “By performing the heavy lifting for you, the tool saves you time and energy while yet keeping your unique voice and style.” Before adding the suggested information to your profile, it advises you to “examine and change” it.

The job descriptions, on the other hand, will operate according to a similar premise: A recruiter writes out certain essential details, such as the job title and firm name. After that, “our tool will generate a proposed job description for you to examine and change, saving you time and effort while still allowing you to adapt the position to your needs,” writes Cohen in a blog post. You can concentrate your energy on more strategically important elements of your job by streamlining this portion of the hiring process.

While both of these strategies aim to save users time and encourage them to keep their profiles more current or to increase recruiting business by making it simpler to create job profiles, I can think of at least one reason why this might not be the best course of action.

In the case of those who are writing their profiles, if the goal of the profile is to gain a sense of the person you may be networking or recruiting with, employing AI to produce such descriptions will move you further away from that goal. In the end, that can result in more rather than less wasted time for recruiters and other potential connections who are looking at a profile.

Less so for job adverts, which are already incredibly bland and frequently fail to accurately convey even the most basic details of what may be expected in a given position, let alone what it would be like to work for a specific organization.

Overall, the introduction of these technologies serves as a reminder that while AI may be a potent tool, its widespread use is not necessarily desirable. This is just the beginning, according to a LinkedIn representative, who also said that the firm “will continue to employ generative AI to explore new ways to deliver value to our members and customers.”

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