Mac Life Hacks 2022: Newest Hidden Hacks For Your Mac That You Should Use!

Mac Life Hacks

Macs are praised and adored for having the ability to carry out tasks that are not compatible with the normal Windows toolkit.

Even ardent Mac users may not be aware of every tip and shortcut concealed beneath that sleek, polished shell, though.

Knowing the shortcuts and tricks of your computer can be entertaining in some circumstances as well as time- and sanity-saving.

There are several ways to save time. The majority relate to the software and applications you’re using, but the next 12 are really great whether you use an iMac, Macbook Pro, or Macbook Air for work or for school. With these simple Mac life hacks, you can maximize your productivity.

Here Are the Best Tips and Tricks for Your Mac:

Add emojis using Mac’s emoji keyboard

It’s nice to be able to open the emoji window fast and simply as we use emoticons in regular messaging more and more. Simply use the following procedure to do it on a Mac:

  • The text field where you want to put an emoji should have your cursor there.
  • Command + Ctrl + Space (To learn more, visit our article on Mac keyboard shortcuts.)
  • Your screen will display the emoji keyboard pane.
  • Use the search bar at the top of the window or scroll through all of the available emojis and categories.
  • Your text box will display the desired emoji when you click it.

Please take note that while this typically functions in messages and emails, it does not always. Triangles are frequently shown in place of rendered emojis.

Screenshots can be taken with the command+shift+4 shortcut

Mac Life Hacks

A really easy way to take pictures of your screen is with a screenshot. You can quickly take a picture of the specific region or window that you want to save as a.jpg.

This is helpful if you want to take a screenshot of anything that you want to remember or share later or if you want to remotely guide someone through a computer process.

You can take a screenshot of a conversation when you’re laughing uncontrollably because it was amusing. Please utilize this ability for good, not for bad.

The simplest command above causes a crosshair to appear, which you may move to screenshot only the desired area.

Do you require a photo of your entire workspace window? Then, press the Spacebar to select the desired window by pressing Command+Shift+4.

Want your entire desktop screen—toolbar included—to be captured? Ctrl+Shift+3 (Command + 3).

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Set the “Do Not Disturb” mode to “on”

The apps and websites on your Mac that need your permission to give you alerts may all be found in the Notification Center in OS X. You can easily turn off notifications on your Mac by utilizing the technique described below:

  • Keep holding down the keyboard’s Option key.
  • When the DND (do not disturb) setting is active, the Notification Center icon in the Menu Bar will shade itself out.
  • Look for the Answers to Your Weirdest Questions (Command+Space)

Don’t bother with the math. You may type in any number, arithmetic equation, currency, measurement, or conversion, and Spotlight, the official name of the “desktop search bar thingy,” will immediately return the correct result.

Pressing the Tab key will additionally provide you with other converting suggestions.

Using Command + F, you may find text on a page

Mac Life Hacks

The ultimate time-saving technique. Instead of playing eye spy every time you need to find something, just use this shortcut to swiftly and efficiently search the page you’re on.

Your search terms will be highlighted when you type them in the small search box that will appear in the top right corner. Boom!

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Using Hot Corners, be an Efficiency Boss

Technically speaking, this is a setting—a significant setting—rather than a command. Hot corners can rapidly become the misery of your online existence if you are unaware of what they are.

They can save your life once they’re set up, though! Your screen may be cleared or all open windows will be displayed when you move your cursor to the screen’s corners. Whatever you assign hot corners to accomplish.

The Apple Menu > System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver > Screen Saver > Hot Corners should be opened to access your customized hot corners settings. Select OK after choosing an action from the drop-down menu next to the corner you want to use.

Talk to Siri

Mac Life Hacks

Dictation is a very helpful skill, especially for people who want to take notes or even narrate lengthy text while engaging in other tasks.

Despite being around for a while, dictation software has not yet achieved the level of ubiquity and usage that was anticipated.

This is partly because there are issues with the software’s capacity to define words in speech appropriately.

Voice recognition has significantly improved thanks to recent advances in machine learning. Understanding each person’s voice has been essential in this. Dictation will get more adept at “hearing” you as you use it more frequently.

Using Siri, follow these steps to set it up:

  • Go to the Apple menu and select System Preferences.
  • Choose “Keyboard”
  • Choose “Dictation”
  • Online Dictation
  • Pick one of these options:
  • When you’re not connected to the internet, you can use enhanced dictation.
  • b) Language and dialect – be aware that certain languages have different dialects, for as American and British English.
  • Decide which keyboard shortcut you’ll employ to begin dictating, for instance, Control + Option + D. Fn Fn is the standard shortcut (press the Fn key twice)
  • Select the desired microphone from the pop-up menu that appears beneath the microphone icon.
  • Go to a document or another text field once you’re finished.
  • Put the cursor where you wish to start speaking aloud.
  • Start dictation by pressing your designated shortcut key (you can also select Edit > Start Dictation).
  • To quit dictating, hit Fn once, click “Done” underneath the microphone icon, or open another window.

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To and from other Apple devices, you can airdrop files

With AirDrop, you may wirelessly transfer files to neighboring iPhones, iPads, laptops, and desktop Macs as well as share photographs, videos, and other material.

The Finder menu bar will appear, click Go > AirDrop (you can also select AirDrop in the sidebar of a Finder window)

It will display all nearby AirDrop users in the AirDrop window (who have AirDrop enabled). files to recipients through drag-and-drop

The opportunity for the recipients to accept or reject your request will be provided. If you get an Airdrop from another Apple device, this is what will happen to your phone.

Once acknowledged, the material is downloaded to the receiver.


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