Apple Macbook Air 2022; Release Datea and Specification

Macbook Air 2022 Release Date and Pricing

A large number of us tuned in this week to Apple’s Peek Performance launch event in order to catch a glimpse of the new M2 chipset and the long-awaited refresh of the MacBook Air. Only one Mac product – Mac Studio – was unveiled by the company at the event, the M1 Ultra chipset. MacBook Air (2022) didn’t show up at the event. If the rumor mill is correct, the upcoming MacBook Air is expected to have significant design and performance enhancements over its 2020 predecessor. So, inside this article, we summarize all the rumors and leaks about the upcoming MacBook Air, which may be powered by the Apple M2 processor.

About Macbook Air 2022, Release Date & Pricing

In 2018, Apple is expected to unveil the 2022 MacBook Air. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, we can expect as many as seven Macs in 2022. We can expect a redesigned MacBook Air at WWDC 2022 after seeing the Mac Studio at Apple’s Peek Performance event.

The entry-level MacBook Air costs $999 right now. The 2020 M1 MacBook Air is expected to be Apple’s entry-level machine, so we can expect the company to maintain the same pricing for new MacBook Air models if the 2020 M1 MacBook Air is discontinued.

MacBook Air (2022): Design

macbook air 2022 design
macbook air 2022 design

According to rumors and leaks, Apple plans to release the 2022 MacBook Air in a variety of bright colors. Color options were available for the MacBook Air in the same colors as the 24-inch iMac. Despite the fact that Apple has yet to officially confirm these colors for the new MacBook Air, we can expect to see at least some of them.

Apple’s new MacBook Air may feature a finish similar to the MacBook Pro rather than the wedge design that has become its trademark. Additionally, the upcoming MacBook Air could feature a notch similar to the one on the MacBook Pro.

MacBook Air bezels and notch are expected to come in white, while the Pro models’ bezels are expected to come in black. If that’s the case, hiding the MacBook notch might be pointless, and you’ll have to get used to the notch for the time being. In fact, the non-Pro M1 powered 24-inch iMac model we saw earlier in 2021 already had white bezels and a switch to colorful aesthetics.

MacBook Air 2022 Version Processor: M2 or M1 Chip

M1 Chip Processor

Specification upgrades, particularly in the CPU department, are always a highlight of a new MacBook model. The M1-powered MacBook Air was released in 2020, as you may remember. Ming-Chi Kuo’s latest note acknowledges that the 2022 MacBook Air could have the same M1 chip as the new MacBook Air, despite our hopes for the unannounced next-generation Apple M2 processor. By way of 9to5Mac, Kuo hinted at the possibility of a refreshed M1 chip in the upcoming MacBook Air.

Sources briefed on the situation tell 9to5Mac that Apple may in fact opt for the M2 chip after all. The eight-core CPU and ten-core GPU of the M2 chip, codenamed J413, are reportedly on the way. Compared to that, the 2020 M1 MacBook Air has an eight-core CPU and a 7/ 8-core GPU. Consequently, the new MacBook Air may have better graphics capabilities.

There are conflicting reports from reputable sources, so it’s difficult to say whether the next-generation MacBook Air will have an upgraded M1 chip or an M2 chip. We think apple will use the M2 chip, based on our best guess. However, we’ll have to queue and see about that.

Macbook Air 2022 Version : Camera Specs

MacBooks have always had 720p cameras. However, last year, Apple finally made the switch to 1080p cameras on the MacBook Pro. This year’s MacBook Air is expected to receive the same camera upgrade. Having a webcam with a 1080p resolution will greatly enhance the quality of your videoconferences. An external 4K webcam, on the other hand, is the best option for those who demand the highest possible quality.

Macbook Air 2022 Year : LED Display

macbook air 2022 led display

Since last year, the new MacBook Pro models have had mini-LED displays (or Liquid Retina XDR, as the manufacturer refers to them). Ming-Chi Kuo, a noted Apple analyst, now claims that the MacBook Air of 2022 will not include a mini-LED display, contrary to previous rumors that suggested this might happen.

He even says Apple may not release any new mini-LED items for this year citing concerns about costs. In the event that this is the case, we will have to wait until the next generation of MacBook Airs to see mini-LED displays.

Macbook Air (2022 Varient) : Keyboard

The number of complaints about MacBook keyboards has decreased significantly since the switch to scissor switches. As a result, we may not see any major changes to the keyboard from Apple in the near future. It’s possible, though, that the color of the keys will be different this time. The MacBook Air (2022) may feature off-white bezels and full-sized function keys, according to rumors.

Macbook Air (2022) : Ports

Macbook Air 2022 Ports

It has two Thunderbolt/USB 4 ports and a 3.5mm headphone port on the M1 MacBook Air. While it’s unlikely that the next MacBook Air will include an SDXC card slot, rumours say that MagSafe charging will be included. MagSafe returned to MacBooks with the release of the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros back in October.

FAQ – People Also Ask

Q: When will the new MacBook Air be released?

It’s expected that the new MacBook Air will go on sale in June 2022.

Q: Is the MacBook Air 2022 a better option?

New color options, upgraded camera and chip upgrade are all reasons to wait for the new MacBook Air. If you’re in the market for a new MacBook Air, the 2020 M1-powered model is still a viable option.

Final Words

That’s all we know about the upcoming MacBook Air at this time. However, despite the fact that the white bezels may be controversial, the new colors are expected to be well received by casual MacBook users. We’d love to know which of these improvements excite the most in this year’s MacBook Air buyers. Let us know what you think in the comments, So our GadgetGrapevine Team may help you to choose better Macbook Version.

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