Machine Gun Kelly’s Favorite Fatherhood Sayings About Daughter Casie!

Machine Gun Kelly's Favorite Fatherhood Sayings About Daughter Casie!

Their unique relationship! Machine Gun Kelly has gushed about becoming a parent to Casie throughout the years.

In July 2009, the singer welcomed his first kid with Emma Cannon. Later, Kelly talked about how he wanted to relate to his daughter differently from his own parents.

“As much of an f-k-up as others claim I am, I hope to have the same connection with my child that I did not have with my parents. On the Life Lessons YouTube series in July 2015, he remarked, “When I’m with her, nothing else matters. I’ve learned a lot about unexpected pregnancies. “If you made a mistake, admit it. When you watch that adorable little girl emerge and those breaths begin, it won’t be a mistake.

The rapper hasn’t said much about his ex-girlfriend, although on Mother’s Day he previously recognized Cannon and their child. He wrote in May 2020, “My daughter has an excellent mom.” Big love to all the young mothers who are succeeding today.

As Casie grew older, Kelly became franker about the various difficulties he had as a father. “I received a call from her school saying that your daughter had a relationship with this kid, and I was curious as to what had transpired. On The Drew Barrymore Show in December 2021, he revealed how they had said, “The youngster was talking bad about you.” “Good job, don’t ever do it again, but I love you so much,” I said.

The native of Ohio claims that becoming a part of Casie’s life has improved him. At the time, he continued, “It’s worth living for to witness that. I will accept any amount of agony that would come her way if it can only be on me so that she may maintain [that pure innocence] forever. Her voice is so lovely and uncontaminated by anything the outside world has to give.

Fans get a taste of Kelly and Casie’s romance in his Life in Pink documentary, which was released in June 2022. Casie criticized her father’s detractors in a Hulu movie clip, stating, “People say awful stuff about my dad, but you only see one side.”

The children of the “My Ex’s Best Friend” singer’s now-fiancée Megan Fox have become close friends with him as well. With her former spouse Brian Austin Green, the actress has three children: Noah, Bodhi, and Journey.

For some of Kelly’s sweetest dad statements, continue reading below:

Their Strong Bond

Machine Gun Kelly's Favorite Fatherhood Sayings About Daughter Casie!

In a tweet from January 2020, the American Music Award winner said that Casie wears his “merch shirts to sleep every night,” which “f—king melts” him.

Combining forces

Machine Gun Kelly's Favorite Fatherhood Sayings About Daughter Casie!

In February 2021, the actor declared on Twitter, “I’m a proud dad. My daughter is in this movie alongside me. I saw her name on the press release.” Together, they will both be seen in the suspenseful film One Way.

His Future Hope for Her

Machine Gun Kelly's Favorite Fatherhood Sayings About Daughter Casie!

“I was just walking behind my kid at the airport the other day, and she just has this walk; it’s this pure bounce, and she seems so full of life,” “Kelly said during a December 2021 visit to The Drew Barrymore Show. “I simply ask all the gods in existence to keep her bouncing forever and to let nobody get in the way of it.

Time Spent With Each Other

Machine Gun Kelly's Favorite Fatherhood Sayings About Daughter Casie!

Kelly revealed to Ellen DeGeneres that his daughter taught him a unique new skill during an interview.

“Her blueberry pancakes always made me crazy, and I would ask her, “How do you do that?” How are the blueberries added to the pancakes? Yes, just add the blueberries to the pancakes, she said “On The Ellen DeGeneres Show in March 2022, he recalled.

The Birdbox actor continued: “I had no idea you could put blueberries in pancakes. It appears that all you need to do is add blueberries to the mixture. It’s quite depressing.”


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