Mariah Carey Will “Always Be My Baby,” Says Nick Cannon!

Mariah Carey Will "Always Be My Baby," Says Nick Cannon!

Despite having five baby mothers, Mariah Carey appears to be Nick Cannon’s favorite. He recently joined Tee on The Hottie Talk Show and talked about the affection he once had for the gifted vocalist. I’ll never fall in love again as I did with Mariah, he declared.

Cannon and Carey began dating in 2008 and were wed in April of the same year in the Bahamas. Six years after their 2016 divorce, he acknowledged he would get back together with her if they could have the same happily ever after.

He performed a game called “spin the block” on the podcast in which he announced which ex-partners he would see again. Carey was the next name on the list, following Christina Milian and Kim Kardashian. He said without hesitating, “Of course.

The 41-year-old said getting back together is his “dream” while respecting Carey’s relationship with boyfriend Bryan Tanaka, who is fantastic with their children. “That is my ideal person right there; I will always love that person.”

Mariah Carey Will "Always Be My Baby," Says Nick Cannon!

“I suppose it’s because I’m a real romantic and a real believer in love that I let the love capsules be where they are. I don’t believe in timelines, dude; I think that time is artificial. “I recognize that I will never experience a love as I had with Mariah… I would for it to remain that way since working with Mariah was essentially like a fairytale.

Monroe and Moroccan, twins who are 11 years old, are shared by the ex-couple, and Nick Cannon said he appreciates the dream of someday reconciling if everything remained the same. He said, “But if I had the opportunity if everything could be the way it was, I’m there. I appreciate that fantasy because if I attempted to go back and it wasn’t the same, I’d be like, ‘Damn, I messed it up.'”

On her 2006 Adventures of Mimi Tour, Carey, 53, and her dancing partner boo, 39, first got to know one another as backup dancers. Ten years later, in 2016, after her divorce from business magnate James Packer, they began dating and have been together ever since.

Mariah Carey Will "Always Be My Baby," Says Nick Cannon!

Contrarily, Cannon has been extremely candid about his struggle to maintain monogamy. “I’ve tried monogamy and relationships so many times and failed terribly.

But like, God isn’t through with me, you know. He declared on the podcast “All The Way with Shelley Wade” that “we’re going to sort it out.” Despite his failure at monogamy, he has had great success in procreation. He is expecting his ninth kid with Abby De La Rosa, it was confirmed in June. In addition, he and Bre Tiese are still expecting their eighth child.

After losing his seventh kid Zen to a brain tumor at the age of five months in December 2021, Cannon is left with six living children. Alyssa Scott was Zen’s mother. Tiesi and Cannon made the gender reveal announcement that they were expecting a boy the following month. He also shares a ten-month-old daughter Powerful Queen and 4-year-old son Golden with Brittany Bell.


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