Matrix Movies in Order: Check Out The Chronological Timeline And Release Dates!!

Matrix Movies in Order

The Matrix was released in theatres in 1999, and it wowed audiences with a leather-clad and gravity-defying Keanu Reeves as he Kung-Fu fights against artificial agents of a programmed reality, and works to free humanity from the grips of a machine-controlled Matrix, alongside Carrie-Anne Moss and Laurence Fishburne.

The video established the now-famous red pill/blue pill paradigm for perceiving the world and encouraged viewers to think about how our reality and that of a computer simulation are comparable.

The Matrix was followed by three further feature films, The Matrix Reloaded (May 2003), The Matrix Revolutions (November 2003), and The Matrix Resurrections (December 2021), as well as an anthology of animated short films named The Animatrix, which was released in the middle of the trilogy (June 2003).

The Animatrix is considered Matrix canon since four of the nine shorts were created by the Wachowskis, the creators of The Matrix trilogy.

The Matrix Movies are listed in chronological order.

Part I & II of Animatrix: The Second Renaissance

Matrix Movies in Order

Parts I and II of The Second Renaissance recount the genesis narrative of the computer matrix portrayed in the film trilogies, set in the year 2090, covering the development of artificial intelligence and the events leading up to human slavery by machines.

A Detective Story in the Animatrix

Matrix Movies in Order

A Detective Story combines anime and traditional cinema noir to follow Detective Ash in his chase of Trinity, the ever-elusive internet hacker, sometime after the Matrix’s birth and before she joins forces with Morpheus, within the Matrix.

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The Matrix is a science fiction film that was released in 1999

Matrix Movies in Order

The Matrix is a 1999 film that introduces fans to Neo, Trinity, and Morpheus as they battle real-world robots and Matrix agents sometime around the year 2199.

The Kid’s Story in The Animatrix

Matrix Movies in Order

The “child” in this brutal animated narrative is a figure from the film trilogy’s second part — a young boy who breaks out from the Matrix and saves himself by pure resolve alone — and his story takes place in the six-month period between The Matrix and The Matrix Reloaded.

The Animatrix: Osiris’ Final Flight

Matrix Movies in Order

Final Flight of the Osiris is set soon before the events of The Matrix Reloaded, and it features real-world training scenarios and combat aboard the spacecraft Osiris.

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The Matrix Reloaded is a sequel to the film The Matrix.

Matrix Movies in Order

The Matrix Reloaded picks up six months after the events of The Matrix and follows Neo and Trinity as they uncover the Matrix’s cyclical nature and creation.

Revolutions in the Matrix

Matrix Movies in Order

The Matrix Revolutions follows up just where The Matrix Reloaded leaves off, bringing the trilogy to a close and depicting Neo’s final sacrifice and attempt to make peace with the machines.

Beyond the Animatrix

Matrix Movies in Order

Beyond takes place sometime after the events of the Matrix trilogy, and follows a little girl called Yoko as she discovers a “haunted mansion” replete with abnormalities that earlier film chapters have referred to as “glitches in the Matrix.”

The Animatrix: Guinness Book of World Records

Matrix Movies in Order

World Record is a narrative set in an undisclosed period in The Matrix canon, and it includes a guy who breaks out of the Matrix for a brief while owing to the strength of his physical willpower, similar to The Kid’s Story.

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The Animatrix: Program

Matrix Movies in Order

The program is a visually gorgeous animated short film about simulated training and samurai culture that is difficult to place in terms of time.

Matriculated, The Animatrix

Matrix Movies in Order

Matriculated is another animated short that doesn’t have a clear position in the Matrix chronology. It follows two humans as they try to teach humanlike emotions like empathy and compassion to the machines they capture.

Resurrections of the Matrix

Matrix Movies in Order

The events of The Matrix Revolutions take place 60 years later in The Matrix Resurrections. It demonstrates how Neo’s sacrifice has resulted in an era of peace that neither humans nor machines could foresee. However, not everyone is pleased with how the world has evolved.

Movies from The Matrix in Order of Release

  • The Matrix is a science fiction film that was released on 1999 (31 March 1999)
  • The Matrix Reloaded is a sequel to the film The Matrix (May 15, 2003)
  • The Animatrix is a fictional character (June 3, 2003)
  • Revolutions in the Matrix (October 27, 2003)
  • Resurrections of the Matrix (December 22, 2021)


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