MWC 2016: What's expected?



The Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016 is just a few weeks away and several manufacturers are expected to use this event to launch new devices.

We trawled the web sifting through the rumours, speculation and just plain lies to try and work out what's the most most likeliest devices that will be showcased at MWC 2016.


LG are expected to announce their new flagship handset, the LG G5. We covered the features of the G5 in a previous article. It seems almost guaranteed that the G5 will feature a removable battery with a 5.6" display and 4GB RAM.


Samsung should be announcing their latest in the Galaxy S series, the Galaxy S7 along with it's variants . The latest rumours suggest that the S7 won't be a dramatic improvement over it's predecessor and will instead have incremental improvements with 3D Touch being the only notable feature.


Huawei sent out invites this week for their own press event that will be held one day before the start of MWC 2016. With the Mate 8 already announced at CES earlier this month, it seems likely that Huawei will either announce the P9 earlier than expected or surprise everyone with a complete new device line.


Microsoft have already released the 950 so no new flagship phone is expected. Mid-range models will most likely be announced.


HTC will most probably announce the M10 and Sony will only announce the new Z6 tablet since the Z5 phone was released only a few months ago.


Ubuntu smartphones were released last year but there was no sign of an official tablet until now.

It was recently confirmed on that an Ubuntu tablet, featuring convergence, will be demoed at MWC 2016. This tablet will be based on the BQ Aquaris M10 tablet that currently runs Android. However, with Ubuntu as it's new operating system, it will not only work as a normal touch-based tablet, but will also have a proper desktop mode when a keyboard and mouse is connected to it.

Here's a video showing Ubuntu convergence in action:

MWC 2016 runs from February 22 to February 25 with most major announcements by manufacturers expected on 21 February.

What do you hope to see at MWC 2016?


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