Mcdonald And Dodds Season 3 – Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

Mcdonald And Dodds Season 3

Tala Gouveia and Jason Watkins return as the unexpected detective team in McDonald & Dodds series 3. The four-part drama will follow DCI McDonald and DS Dodds in Bath as they investigate more interesting cases when it returns to ITV for a third season in the summer of 2022. They now have a new supervisor, Chief Superintendent Ormond, who is portrayed by Claire Skinner, who was in Outnumbered.

The third season of McDonald & Dodds opens with the puzzling case of a young woman who passes away in a deck chair in the middle of a popular park while wearing an odd smile. Siân Phillips, a former Coronation Street star, Catherine Tyldesley, and comedian Alan Davies are just a few of the show’s outstanding roster of guest stars.

Jason Watkins, who portrays bumbling genius Dodds, exclaims, “It’s just fantastic to be back.” I always enjoy playing him because he is such a terrific character. He is such an intriguing character who appears to be fairly simple but is actually incredibly complex, and I believe that viewers like that about him.

Even though you might think he has the least chance of cracking the case, he frequently comes up with the key piece of information. It’s wonderful to return to Bath, and it’s always exciting to learn what will happen in the upcoming script.

The fact that the program is gaining popularity and is now being sold in 120 different countries is encouraging and a testament to everyone’s dedication. We’re not smug; we are aware of this show’s strengths, but we must take care of them.

“It’s a really amazing season, and it was so much fun to film,” Tala Gouveia continues. The second movie is about Formula 1; there is a murder during a race, and everything is situated in that glamorous, fast-paced atmosphere.

In that movie, too, there’s a really sweet McDonald subplot where someone from her past reappears in her life and becomes engaged in this case. I really appreciated that because it allowed me to see a little more of her personal life and another side of her.

Release Date and Plot Survey for Mcdonald and Dodds Season 3 Episode 1

Mcdonald And Dodds Season 3

On Sunday, June 19, 2022, at 8 p.m., ITV will telecast the first episode of season 3 of McDonald and Dodds.

The Belvedere episode begins with a young woman passing away in the middle of a crowded park in the middle of the day, and the scene is made extra stranger by the fact that her body seems to be grinning.

All clues point to Professor George Gillan, a linguistic anthropologist who shares a sprawling house called Belvedere with his ailing mother Agnes, who is close to turning 100, as McDonald and Dodds try to piece together the mysterious case.

Dodds is confident that the unusual mansion has something to do with the case, but as he researches the past of Belvedere, he also learns something about himself.

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The Cast for Mcdonald and Dodds Season 3 Episode 1

As usual in McDonald and Dodds, the title characters take the lead in episode 1, but a slew of newcomers have joined the cast for season 3.

Main cast and returning actors

  • As DS Dodds, Jason Watkins
  • DCI Lauren McDonald, played by Tala Gouveia
  • DC Jack Riddiford Craig, Darren
  • DC Lily Sacofsky Paciorkowski, Milena

Newcomers as well as Guest Stars

Mcdonald And Dodds Season 3

  • Chief Supt. Ormond is Claire Skinner.
  • Agnes Gillan played by Sian Phillips
  • As George Gillan, Alan Davies
  • Kate Porter, played by Catherine Tyldesley
  • As Paula Monkford, Holly Aird
  • James Langmere, played by Gabriel Bisset Smith
  • As DC Goldie, Charlie Chambers
  • DC Danyal Ismail Malik, Martin
  • As Elodie Docherty, Caoimhe O’Malley
  • As Liam Fallin, Niall Wright
  • DCI Tim Delap Newman, Kevin
  • as Dr. David Hesketh, Don Gallagher
  • As Edward Wareing, Nickcolia King-N’Da
  • Pathologist Jake Graf
  • Taxi Driver Nick Rawbin

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Guide for the third season of McDonald and Dodds

Mcdonald And Dodds Season 3

Season 1

McDonald and Dodds are thrust into the enigmatic case of a young woman who passes away in a popular park in the middle of the day while grinning.

Season 2

When a rising driver competing for the British racing family the Addington’s dies during a pit break, Formula 1 fan McDonald is sucked into that fast-paced world.

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Season 3

An influencer in the world of fashion and style Rose Boleyn visits Bath’s exclusive Ford & Flynn clinic for a nose operation, but the regular procedure goes horrifically wrong, and she passes away on the operating table.

Season 4

The body of a prosperous Bath businessman is discovered in the shadow of Glastonbury Tor at dawn on All Souls Day. This prompts McDonald and Dodds to suspect local artist Hector Ingham and medium Martin Silver, who discovered the body and makes claims to be able to communicate with the dead.


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