Menu Hacks: Use These Tricks To Save Huge At These Food Chains!

Menu Hacks

Even if it’s not the most moral thing to do, “menu hacking” is a useful approach to cut costs at many fast-food restaurants.

Are you a fan of the Big Mac but wish the price weren’t so high? You might want to try “the Big Mac hack,” a set of ordering procedures that will enable you to purchase a Big Mac for about half the normal price.

Since a TikTok video of a Starbucks barista “counter hacking” a would-be menu hacker went viral last week, the ethics of menu hacking have become a topic of debate.

The customer demands adjustments to a small iced espresso to replicate a larger, more expensive drink. The video depicts the barista’s response to the attempted “Doubleshot on Ice” hack.

The barista offers the customer a regular-sized iced espresso, explaining that “anything over 4 oz is a latte,” in an attempt to make them believe that the hack has only been in use since 2016.

In the discussion that followed, several criticized Starbucks, saying that the expense of “menu hacking” was negligible in comparison to the billions the business generates every quarter.

Others insulted the barista personally, accusing her of having an unwise commitment to “business America.” The barista was only carrying out her duties, said Starbucks staff who chimed in.

Aside from espresso hacks, menu hacking is typically acceptable—and perhaps even encouraged by the businesses whose menus are being hacked. In order to save some money on your next fast-food order, it is good becoming familiar with some of the most popular menu tricks.

The Big Mac at a Discount

Menu Hacks

Your go-to method for placing a McDonald’s order. This hack, which gained popularity on TikTok, makes use of the similarities between the Big Mac and the McDouble. If you want a Big Mac for half the price, order a McDouble with Mac Sauce (which is typically complimentary) and specify “no ketchup, no mustard.”

Low-cost Caffè Misto

Menu Hacks

If you don’t mind getting into a fight with a Starbucks barista, give this one a shot.

If you merely order a grande drip coffee and add steamed milk, as The Krazy Koupon Lady notes, you can obtain a Caffè Misto for around $0.70 less (any beverage order at Starbucks can be supplemented with 4 ounces of steamed milk).

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The Low-cost Baconator

Menu Hacks

Love the signature burger from Wendy’s? This smart TikTok trick will save you $2 on your subsequent Baconator run. Just get a Bacon Double Stack on a premium bun (free at Wendy’s) with ketchup and mayo as your only condiments. The “Budget Baconator” gives the most value for your money while being only a half-ounce lighter than the genuine article.

Coffee BOGO Trick

Menu Hacks

If you frequently visit Starbucks but don’t like the prices, try using this two-for-one TikTok trick. The Starbuck baristas’ propensity to overfill drinks with ice is exploited in this hack.

Request “no ice” when ordering a small chilled beverage of your choice, and then request a different cup with ice (which should come free of charge). The “no ice” beverage should be served full. One drink becomes two when it is divided between the two glasses.

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The Cheapo Whopper

Menu Hacks

Fans of Burger King’s Jr. Whopper will love this menu trick. Customers should place an order for a $1.25 Bacon Cheeseburger and ask for extra (free) “light lettuce,” onion, and tomato.

This trick will enable you to purchase your preferred Burger King sandwich for a fraction of the usual $3 price tag on the Jr. Whopper.

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McDonald’s at a discount

Menu Hacks

If you enjoy McDonald’s McNuggets, use this popular TikTok trick to receive the greatest price-per-McNugget on your subsequent order. Try getting two 6 pc. McNuggets for $4 instead of the 10 pc. McNugget for $5. This would give you two extra nuggets for a dollar cheaper.


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