Microsoft 365 Will Quickly Be Removed From These Outlook and OneDrive functions!

Microsoft 365 Will Quickly Be Removed From These Outlook and OneDrive functions!

Microsoft recently made a number of changes that will affect the functionality of Outlook and OneDrive or remove capabilities from them. inboxes with individual email addresses attached will no longer be available to Microsoft 365 members.

Outlook attachments will soon count toward your OneDrive storage data limit, which can lead some users to discard larger emails. For a year, Microsoft will give Outlook at least 50 GB of storage as a transition aid.

Recent big updates from Microsoft to Outlook and OneDrive will limit the operation of both services in several ways. Microsoft 365 users won’t be able to link a fresh, personalized email address to an inbox after November 30, 2023. attachments will start using up OneDrive data caps on February 2, 2023. This morning, Microsoft emailed out information on the adjustments. Custom email addresses with a format like are known as personalized email addresses(opens in new tab).

Any emails sent to the custom email address land in the same inbox as emails sent to the standard account email address. The key advantage is that the suffix of the email address can be changed to whatever the user wants, such as a community organization or another name.

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Your personalized email address will still function if you currently have one after November 30, 2023. Only the ability to associate new personalized email addresses is impacted by the change. However, you won’t be allowed to add a previously deleted personalized email address back if you do so after the deadline.

More Microsoft 365 members will likely be impacted by the change to cloud storage than by the change to personalized emails. attachments have not yet impacted OneDrive storage restrictions. Some persons might need to delete older emails as a result of that change as of February 2, 2023.

You might need to make some room if you frequently transmit larger files or maintain thousands of emails in your inbox. Starting on February 2, 2023, Microsoft will offer an additional 50 GB of cloud storage for a full year to help with the transition. People should have ample time throughout that period to properly organize their files.

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