Microsoft To-Do: Reminders made easy

Reminder apps are a dime a dozen. Operating systems normally have them as built-in apps and the Apple App Store and Google Play Store is full of alternatives that are as good or sometimes much better than the defaults.

We were busy trawling through the Apple App Store the other day, just minding our own business, when we stumbled upon To-Do, a Microsoft app that’s also available for Android, Windows and via a web browser.


We tested Microsoft To-Do on an iPhone and on the Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers. Installation on iPhone or Android is just a matter of downloading the app and logging in with your Microsoft ID. Using it via the a web browser involves going to Welcome to Microsoft To-Do and logging in with you Microsoft ID.

You can create list categories by selecting + New list and adding a to-do item is done by selecting + Add to-do.

You can also specify a due date for the to-do as well as specify a time for a reminder. The web version can also send out notifications directly to your desktop.

Since to-do’s and lists are linked to your Microsoft account, syncing happens automatically across all devices and platforms. The style of individual lists can be customized via built-in themes and of course, lists can be renamed to your liking.

The Good and the Bad

We like the fact the this app is free, made by Microsoft and works on so many platforms. We loved the clean design and easy to use interface.

We didn’t like that the built-in themes are as far as customization of lists go. We would have liked the option to add our own pictures to the themes to suit our custom lists better.


We recommend Microsoft To-Do to anyone looking for a basic to-do/reminder app that’s cross platform and easy to use. It may not be chock full of options and features but it gets the basics right.

What's your favorite to-do/reminder app?


Vinodh Moodley

Author and tech addict. Vinodh loves new software, hardware and technology but he enjoys writing about it even more. Vinodh is an avid sim racer and captain's an indoor cricket team.