Mozilla and Meta (Facebook) are working together to build Private Ad Tracking Tools

Mozilla, the company behind the hugely popular Firefox web browser, has previously blasted Facebook for its appalling track record when it comes to privacy and security. However, the situation has changed. Mozilla and Meta (formerly known as Facebook), according to a blog post, are now actively developing privacy-focused ad tracking tools.

Since the introduction of Apple’s App Tracking Transparency, ad tracking has been a source of contention for Facebook. Ads for iPhone users have been unable to be targeted since the feature’s launch. Even Google is rumoured to be working on a privacy-focused ad targeting solution. Also during the earnings call, Facebook announced that it is operating to rebuild its ad platform.

Mozilla vs Facebook Collaboration

Mozilla vs Facebook Ad Tracking Tools
source: Mozilla

It appears that Mozilla has teamed up with the company to accomplish this goal. It has been a few months since Mozilla and Meta (formerly Facebook) began working on something called Interoperable Private Attribution (IPA), which is intended to make it possible to track and attribute conversions in advertising.

Advertisers will be able to track the effectiveness of their online ads with the help of new ad tracking technology, which maintains their privacy. Instead of reporting every time an ad is clicked, IPA aggregates reports based on a predetermined number of events. Using a “match key” that is only accessible to the browser, websites can prevent fingerprinting. For companies and advertisers, the technology makes it difficult to gather information about ad interaction.

However, Facebook and Mozilla haven’t made any announcements about the partnership on social media, which is unusual. Netizens discovered the post and have been mocking the two companies ever since, most likely as a result of their shared past.

Finally, Mozilla has acknowledged that the technology is in its infancy. A release date for the new technology has not been announced. Apple and Google will need to implement IPA in their web browsers in order for the technology to work, which could be a challenge for both Facebook and Mozilla. Things are looking bleak for Mozilla as Google is developing its own privacy-focused ad tracking technology.

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