My Brilliant Friend Season 4 – Release Date, Cast, Plot Turns, and Much More!!

My Brilliant Friend Season 4

Saverio Costanzo’s ‘My Brilliant Friend’ or ‘L’amica geniale’ is an Italian coming-of-age drama series based on a novel. The episode focuses on Elena Greco’s relationship with Raffaella Cerullo, better known as Lila. In the early 1950s, when they were in primary school in Naples, they first met. In this tale, Elena and Lila’s lives span 60 years.

The Italian drama, based on Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan Novels, aired on HBO on November 18th, 2018. After then, it was broadcast on Rai 1 and TIMvision in Italy, respectively.

There were many positive reviews for the film’s directing, narrative, set design, photography, and lead actors. They are both complicated and brilliant, and this is what gives the narrative its power.

Season 3 of the HBO Italian drama “My Brilliant Friend” was released in February of this year, delighting fans who find themselves profoundly immersed in the intertwined lives of Lila (Gaia Girace) and Elena/Lenù (Margherita Mazzucco).

My Brilliant Friend’s” fourth season will be it’s last, reports TVLine. Elena and Lila’s tale will, however, be wrapped up in season 4, which is now in development.

As a straight adaptation of Elena Ferrante’s novel quadrilogy, the fourth season of “My Brilliant Friend” will be centered on “The Story of the Lost Child.”

When Can We Expect the Next Season of My Brilliant Friend to Start?

My Brilliant Friend Season 4

My Brilliant Friend Season 4 was supposedly already in pre-production as of May 2022, even before HBO made the announcement of a renewal. Fans should anticipate Season 4 of COVID to launch in February of 2023 if the current production schedule is maintained, despite the COVID-related setbacks.

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My Brilliant Friend Season 4 Casting Information

Season 3’s Elena “Lenù” Greco was portrayed by Margherita Mazzucco, however, Alba Rohrwacher will take up the role for Season 4. Rohrwacher has a long history with the program as Elena’s voice actress for the first three seasons.

Gaia Girace, on the other side, plays Raffaella “Lila” Cerullo, Elena’s fictional best friend. For the new incarnation, the role may be recast. Lila is likely to face Luisa Ranieri in the following round, despite the fact that no official announcement has been made as of this writing.

My Brilliant Friend Season 4

  • The name of Anna Rita Vitolo is (Immacolata Greco),
  • Luca (Vittorio Greco),
  • Antonio Buonanno (Italian) (Fernando Cerullo),
  • Italian-born, Tokyo-based musician Giovanni Amura (Stefano Carracci),
  • Matteo Cecchi and Francesco Serpico (Nino Sarratore).

As for Francesca Montuori, Chiara Celotto, and Sophia Protino, it’s not certain if they’ll return. On the other hand, because numerous performers will almost certainly play current and upcoming roles, expect to see many new faces.

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The Expected Plot of My Brilliant Friend Season 4

My Brilliant Friend Season 4

Helen grew up next door to her best friend, and the two formed a close friendship. They were blissfully unaware of the disparities in economic circumstances and educational priorities that existed within their families.

It was a joy for the girls to play together, and each safeguarded and pleased her closest friend. But as they grew older, the difference between them widened, and this was due in part to the attitudes of the people around them as well as to their own self-perception. One was lauded for her tenacity, while the other was frequently complimented on her looks.

When the sisters were in high school, they had a falling out because of their divergent outlooks on life. But when they became older, they reconnected. Only the two of them formed a rivalry, and each secretly wished she had a companion like hers. They’ll start making crude jokes and see if they can outdo the competition.


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