My11Circle: Pick The Best Team And Win Rewards In Millions!

My 11 Circle

One of the top fantasy cricket platforms, My 11 Circle is also one of the safest and most secure. On this website, you may participate in a variety of contests and win wonderful rewards that are sent right to your bank account.

Additionally, My 11 Circle gives its customers the choice to participate in competitions without spending any money. My 11 Circle also offers additional contests that you can participate in with your friends and family, such as practice contests and private contests.

Other fantasy games, like football, kabaddi, and many others, are available to users. Users can create a team according to their needs and gain money by developing plans according to their skills. To learn more about the My 11 Circle Team Selection, check out this blog.

How Do I Form A Team For My 11 Circle?

We can participate in leagues like the football and cricket leagues in My 11 Circle. In My 11 Circle, users may select players from both sides to create their own squad and get incentives based on their performance.

These are the processes for choosing the My 11 Circle Team:

  • Install the My 11 Circle app, then log in with your Facebook or Google accounts.
  • In the list of upcoming Tournaments, pick a Match. In the 11 circles of my team, there are various matchups.
  • Choose a player from each side; you can only select seven players from a single team for kabaddi, cricket, or football game. To create their own team from both sides, users must score 100 points.
  • On My 11 Circle, there are numerous competitions. Select something, such as practice, money, or private competitions.
  • Users who are inexperienced and have no prior knowledge of leagues can select the practice competitions plan. Users have infinite opportunities to participate in practice competitions.
  • If you are a seasoned user and are familiar with all aspects of the competitions, go ahead and choose the league you wish to win cash in.
  • Consider a scenario in which you have My 11 Circle but don’t participate in Cash Contests. Following that, the user can engage in personal competitions with their loved ones.
  • possess a strong winning spirit. As a result, you can
  • When the game starts, your competition also does, and you might be judged depending on how well the player performs.
  • Complete your transaction by using the My 11 circle discount code. Get a shot at winning an incredible bonus worth Rs. 1500.

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Some Advice For My 11 Circle Match Today’s Best Team Selection

My 11 Circle

Choosing a solid team is an important duty in My 11 Circle. However, you must put in a lot of effort to pick a strong team and earn money in these fantasy competitions.

The steps to choosing the best team for My 11 Circle’s match today are as follows. You should now be able to understand the specifics of the My 11 Circle Team Selection thanks to these procedures.

Analyze The Player’s Recent Performance

One of the key criteria for selecting the right squad member is a player’s recent form. If a team member has a high average and strike rate, the squad as a whole has probably grown more confident and performed very well in its games.

An All-Star Team

An excellent strategy to compete with the opponent’s team is to select players that can play many different positions.

When a collapse occurs, you occasionally have a strong batting order to combat the difficult circumstances, and even the captain has a variety of bowling alternatives in difficult circumstances. Selecting all-around adds a different temperament to the team as a whole.

As captain and vice-captain, pick the best player

Another difficult part is selecting the correct captain and vice-captain because they control the entire match scenario.

Based on their performance, the vice-captain awards 1.5 times as many points as the captain. Therefore, whether they are bowlers or batsmen, the top players should be selected because doing so will bring you that much closer to victory.

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In My 11 Circle, How Do I Choose A Team?

My 11 Circle


Choosing a strong team will help you succeed and get you closer to the prize. The My 11 Circle app lets you pick the team of your choice. The actions listed below will assist you in choosing your My 11 Circle team.

  • Make an eleven-player squad comprised of batsmen, wicketkeepers, bowlers, all-rounders, etc. first.
  • While making the team, score all 100 points.
  • One wicketkeeper must be selected.
  • Users must choose all skilled players, such as (bowlers, batsmen, wicketkeepers, etc.)
  • You must select a squad of 11 players, then the captain and vice-captain.
  • In order to increase your chances of collecting more points, select the greatest player on your squad to serve as captain and vice-captain. The captain receives a 2x score, while the vice-captain receives a 1.5x score, depending on how well he performs.
  • For contributing to the squad, each player receives 2 points.
  • Players receive no points while the super over is in progress.

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How to Determine Point Values on My 11 Circle Platform

My 11 Circle

  • Captain awards 2x points.
  • Vice-Captain awards 1.5x points.
  • A player receives no points during the Super Over.

Bonus Points Given For

  • If the player reaches a boundary, such as a six or a four, points are given according to the boundary. Only when your team members surpass the limitations are points awarded.
  • When a member of your squad hits the half-century mark, points are awarded.
  • When a member of your squad hits a century, points are awarded.
  • If a player has a high strike rate when batting, the batsmen receive an extra point.
  • A player receives an extra point in their favor if they bowl with a good economy rate. If a player scores a half-century before finishing a century. Only one century is given a point allocation.

When points are subtracted

  • When a player’s strike rate falls below 74.9 in ODI and 99.99 in T20, more points may be taken away.
  • When your bowlers are out at duck, you don’t lose any points.
  • Extra points may be taken away from a player whose economy rate is higher than 9.0 in ODI and 7.5 in T20.


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