National Apple Pie Day: Checkout Its Origin, Less Known Facts, And How To Celebrate!!

National Apple Pie Day

Seeing how apple pie has become a national holiday in the United States, National Apple Pie Day on May 13th is a reason to celebrate!

If you ask a wide range of people, most of them will eagerly accept the opportunity to savor a freshly baked apple pie. To celebrate National Apple Pie Day, everyone should take advantage of the opportunity to indulge in apple pie!

It goes without saying that National Apple Pie Day encompasses much more. Families can gather around the table to make and eat delectable treats because of its capacity to bring them together. Patriotism is also a common sentiment on this day. The apple pie is, after all, as American as, well, the apple pie itself.

Apple pie may not have originated in the United States, but it has been deeply ingrained in many American customs and cultures. National Apple Pie Day, on the other hand, can be celebrated by individuals across the world.


Year     Date    Day

2022 May 13 Friday
2023 May 13 Saturday
2024 May 13 Monday
2025 May 13 Tuesday
2026 May 13 Wednesday

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In order to celebrate #NationalApplePieDay properly, here are some tips.

Let us know what your favorite apple pie recipes are! Your favorite apple pie baker can also be thanked in a special way. Try out this recipe for “Perfect Apple Pie” if you’re feeling up to it.

National Apple Pie Day

Post pictures of apple pies using the hashtag #NationalApplePieDay.

Ways to Honor the Day of the Apple Pie

National Apple Pie Day clearly necessitates apple pie as the centerpiece of festivities.

Many people believe that in order to get the most out of National Apple Pie Day, two easy but much better things must be done. One is to bake an apple pie, and the other is to indulge in a slice or two afterward.

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For National Apple Pie Day, here are some apple pie facts.

Do you think apple pie is only American since it’s made with apples? The first known recipe for apple pie dates back thousands of years before the birth of the United States of America. 640 years ago, it was printed in England!

Sugar was not a part of the original English pie recipe. Sweet fruits like figs were substituted for sugar since it was too expensive to buy them.

To compensate for the lack of access to apples in the westward expansion of the United States, pioneers made mock apple pie,’ instead. Crackers and other spices were combined in this unique dessert to serve as a stand-in for their favorite comfort foods.

It’s no coincidence that the Granny Smith apple bears her name. Her apple pies made her a household name in the community, and she and her husband were apple growers. She crossed a wild European crabapple with a regular orchard apple to develop a new kind of apple. Granny Smith, thank you!

National Apple Pie Day

Using a single bushel of wheat, you can bake up to 76 apple pies.

A single acre of Kansas wheat could yield 3,420 apple pies at an average yield of 45 bushels per acre. Yum!

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National Apple Pie Day’s origins

Apple pie has a long history of popularity in nations like England and the Netherlands, as documented in history. There are centuries-old dishes in both of these countries.

In truth, apple pie has been around for more than 600 years, with one English recipe dating back to the 14th century. However, it was not until the start of the twentieth century that it was firmly established as an American classic.

National Apple Pie Day

In the early 1900s, many people considered Apple Pie to be a healthier alternative to other pies. Since then, presidents, American warriors, and memorable marketing efforts have all embraced the concept of apple pie as a symbol of American identity.

All of these culinary traditions may be brought together on National Apple Pie Day, allowing everyone to experience the modest yet delicious apple pleasure in all its magnificence. This is a day to experiment in the kitchen and learn new techniques. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve never baked a dessert before, National Apple Pie Day gives you an excuse.

Just because someone doesn’t want to bake a pie doesn’t mean they can still have a good time. There are many ways to have fun with apple pie besides eating it and sharing it with friends and family.


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