NCIS Season 19 Finale Recap: Finale Ends On A Massive Cliffhanger!!

NCIS Season 19 Finale

Parker received a flashback in the NCIS Season 19 finale on Monday night, while Jimmy and Jessica wrestled with the future.

When NCIS receives the anonymous images, they obtain Vivian’s phone records, and Parker is astonished to see that her most recent call was to his father’s senior living center (which looks eerily similar to the DiNozzo/McGee apartment complex corridor).

Parker’s gorgeous head of hair is genetic, and he’s the only non-Navy member of the family—and no, NCIS doesn’t count—during his stay with his father. Parker’s divorce from Vivian, according to Papa Parker, was an “affront to God.” The crew then heads to Wyatt Lake, where he gives her a jogging spot.

There, they discover sunflower seeds, which Kasie connects to Parker’s former FBI partner Frank Ressler, who was fired last year for accepting bribes. They locate Vivian’s car and Ressler’s body in his garage when they arrive at Ressler’s residence. When Parker explains that he knew Ressler liked sunflower seeds and paid him a visit the night before, things get hairy.

All of this makes FBI Deputy Director Wayne Sweeney suspicious. After all, it was Parker who got Ressler fired, then sued him for defamation—and this was all before Parker was fired for failing to arrest Gibbs. Vance, on the other hand, refuses to hand up the inquiry to the FBI.

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A little relationship turmoil arises in the midst of the research. For the HR disclosure forms, Kasie asks how many dates with a coworker constitute a genuine relationship, and Knight suggests that it’s more about quality than quantity.

When Palmer recommends they reveal their relationship, she wonders if their coffee dates truly count. Ducky’s ears flare up amusingly when he’s in the vicinity of this hot goss. Palmer also discovered protective bruising on Ressler’s arms, as well as Parker’s DNA under his nails.

NCIS Season 19 Finale Recap

When the team arrives at Parker’s flat, they are surprised to see that he is the proud owner of a thriving greenhouse. We all knew Parker was a father, but I never imagined he’d be a plant father. In any case, Vivian has arrived, having escaped and hailed down a passing automobile before coming directly to Parker, the only person she can trust.

Parker (Garry Cole) enters the interrogation room with trepidation, swearing he has no idea how his DNA got under Ressler’s nails but implying that there must be a case linking him, Ressler, and Vivian—all former FBI agents.

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Vivian informs Torres and Knight that she was imprisoned somewhere that smelled like a hamster cage during her divorce, saying only that “there are some things even a happy marriage can’t survive.”

They find a former pet store in an abandoned strip mall with the word “Nevermore” scrawled above the door thanks to that and the wood shavings the kidnapper left in the car. Yes, the Raven is back, the radical with the bioweapon who nearly killed Palmer and Kasie.

NCIS Season 19 Finale Recap

McGee, Torres, Knight, and Ducky break the news to Parker that the FBI is investigating him for fraud because they suspect he owns the offshore account containing Ressler’s illicit money. (Parker’s reaction? “If I had a Cayman Islands account, I’d be utilizing it—in the Cayman Islands.”

Parker states that he would surrender to the FBI at this time, so no one takes extra risks for him. “Okay, I’m not Gibbs. You have no obligation to me.”

The remainder of the crew grudgingly agrees with Parker’s choice the next day at work. After all, they are unfamiliar with him. But, as Ducky gently prods them, they admit that Parker has always had their backs, which is really all they need to know about him. So they continue their investigation.

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However, first! Palmer approaches Knight and apologizes for going too far with the relationship disclosure forms. They take a step closer and kiss after she nervously indicates they have something wonderful going on. Aww! Finally, Ande! And aww! Kasie hears a crash and discovers that they’ve knocked over the pomato plant Palmer had given her.

However, the pomato’s death was not in vain; the pot housed an FBI bug, which means that until Parker surrenders now, they will never know what’s really going on with the Raven and the FBI. Vance stalls Deputy Director Sweeney as Parker leaves with a go-bag and a burner phone, reminding Parker of Rules 5, 8, and 15 (don’t waste good, never take anything for granted, always work as a team).

NCIS Season 19 Finale Recap

Parker is nervous about fleeing, but the crew reminds him that he is not a wanted man; he is family. With a hug and a list of accounting firms that might have a lead on that offshore account, Kasie sends him out. And, just as in the old days, they may all lose their jobs—or worse.

Vivian joins him on the run, reminding him of “For better or worse,” she says, but as she searches her purse for their elopement mixtape, she discreetly replies to the text “How’s it going?” with “It’s done.” I’ve got him.” Betrayal!

NCIS season 19 comes to a close on a massive cliffhanger.


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