Netflix Announces New Comedy Specials From Pete Davidson, Amy Schumer, Snoop Dogg and More!!

Netflix Announces New Comedy Specials From Pete Davidson, Amy Schumer, Snoop Dogg and More!!

Laughing so hard you may break a rib when Netflix’s new comedy specials hit the streaming service.

A few days after Netflix Is a Joke wrapped up, the streaming service confirmed which of the festival’s acts will be available to watch on Netflix.

It has been reported that a total of ten new comedy specials will be released between May 19 and June 23.

Also included are appearances by celebs like Amy Schumer, Jane Fonda, David Letterman, Snoop Dogg, and Joan Rivers in the specials that will be aired. You can see who else will be included in the upcoming comedy specials below!

When are the new comedy specials coming to Netflix?

Netflix has tapped into some fantastic series. You can’t believe Netflix: Streaming access to the Festival will be accessible beginning on the dates listed below:

An evening to honor some of the best stand-up artists who are no longer with us will be held on May 19th at The Hall: Honoring the Greats of Stand-Up. There are tributes to Robin Williams from John Mulaney, Richard Pryor, Joan Rivers from Dave Chappelle, Richard Pryor, and Chelsea Handler, and George Carlin and Joan Rivers from Jon Stewart.

Netflix Announces New Comedy Specials From Pete Davidson, Amy Schumer, Snoop Dogg and More!!

An all-star stand-up event coordinated by Bill Burr will take place on the 6th of June: Friends Who Killa

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On the 7th and 12th of June, I will be appearing on David Letterman. A 5-minute stand-up routine and an interview with Letterman are included in each of the six episodes.

An LGBTQ+ celebration will be held on June 9th — the largest gathering of LGBTQ+ comics to date!

The 10th of June – A homage to Bob Saget, a celebration of his life in a comedy with his friends and family.

It’s Amy Schumer’s Parenting Guide, a stand-up show organized by Schumer, on June 11th.

on the thirteenth of June, comics host and curator Pete Davidson will present his multi-comic special “Best Friends.”

Ladies Night Live: Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, June 14 Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin present an all-female ensemble of comedians in the opening sequence.

As a part of this year’s festival, there will be a Snoop Dogg comedy special, as well as performances by great black comedians.

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Netflix Announces New Comedy Specials From Pete Davidson, Amy Schumer, Snoop Dogg and More!!

Finally, a Greatest of the Festival highlight video will be released on June 23 showcasing the best moments throughout the festival’s 11-day run.

In the near future, we can expect to see teasers and trailers for these specials, as well as additional information on other forthcoming comedy events, including Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias’ record-breaking performance in front of a full Dodger Stadium.

“Netflix is a Joke”: 295 concerts featuring 336 comedians were presented throughout 35+ Los Angeles locations as part of this festival, including the iconic Comedy Store and Laugh Factory as well as the Dodgers Stadium and many more.


The Season 2 trailer for “Floor is Lava,” Netflix’s popular competition series has been published. The show, which was created by Megan McGrath and Irad Eyal and presented by Rutledge Wood, is based on the popular children’s game of the same name and has a lava obstacle course.

An A. Smith & Co. Productions are responsible for putting the show together. Arthur Smith, Anthony Carbone, Frank Sinton, Anthony Storm, Brian Smith, and Caroline Baumgard serve as executive producers for Eyal and McGrath on the project. On June 3, the second season will launch with five 30-minute episodes. You can see the complete trailer down below.

For the third season of “Love, Death, and Robots,” Netflix has released the season 3 trailer, which has a different director and writer for each episode.

Directors David Fincher, Alberto Mielgo, Robert Bisi, and Andy Lyon will all have new pieces premiering on the show on May 20. Other directors include Jennifer Yuh Nelson, Tim Miller, and Jerome Chen. The complete trailer is available here.


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