Netflix Reveals New Gaming Studio Headed by Former Overwatch Boss!

Netflix Reveals New Gaming Studio

Netflix has opened a new development studio in Southern California as part of its ongoing expansion into the gaming industry. According to TechCrunch, Netflix’s VP of gaming, Mike Verdu, stated that former Blizzard vice president and Overwatch head Chako Sonny will be in charge of this new studio.

Verdu stated, “He could have done anything, but he decided to come here.” If there isn’t a sense that we’re in it for the long haul and for the right reasons, you won’t attract people like that to your organization to produce the next big thing in gaming. The king of online streaming wants to gain more ground in the game industry and may even consider starting its own cloud gaming service.

Mike Verdu stated, “It adds value. We’re not asking you to subscribe to replace your console. It uses an entirely new business strategy. The goal is for playing games to eventually just seem incredibly natural wherever you are.

Netflix Reveals New Gaming Studio Headed by Former Overwatch Boss!

Netflix won’t be the first to attempt streaming video games, of course. With the Stadia gadget and service, Google Stadia made an attempt to do precisely that, giving consumers access to a library of video games without the need for a computer or gaming console.

Unfortunately, it had a hard time surviving, and Google stated that Google Stadia would be shut down by January 2023 due to declining user numbers. Netflix, however, does not think that Stadia as a whole failed, only its economic model. Verdu declared, “Stadia was a technical success. “Playing games on Stadia was enjoyable.

Netflix Reveals New Gaming Studio Headed by Former Overwatch Boss!

Yes, there were some problems with the business model. Verdu would not say whether or not Netflix’s own cloud gaming service will use a special controller, even though Google Stadia did. Even though Netflix has long experimented with gaming, it appears that less than 1% of Netflix subscribers actively play their games.

There are already 35 games you can download from Netflix, and there are another 55 that are on the way. These games include both licensed ones like Spongebob Squarepants and original IPs like Stranger Things. It’s unclear which game Netflix’s new studio will release initially.

Netflix Reveals New Gaming Studio Headed by Former Overwatch Boss!

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