New Windows 11 Update Rolling out for Android App Support, Taskbar Upgrades by Today

New Windows 11 Update Rolling out for Android App Support and Taskbar Upgrades

As of last week, Windows 11 build 22000.526 was made available to Windows Insiders, restoring the date and time to the secondary monitor’s taskbar. For the first time, the business is making this feature available to everyone as an optional upgrade. It comes in the form of KB5010414 and includes a slew of new features, such as taskbar weather and TeamSpeak integration. Take a look at this.

Windows 11 Update February 2022

With the addition of the KB5010414 update, Microsoft has re-added the weather icon to taskbars on secondary monitors. Users may now see the whole widgets panel by hovering their mouse over the weather icon, which has been replaced with the widgets-icon. Updated widgets appear on the bottom left of the screen, with the weather icon and the widgets panel button.

The Windows 11 version 22000.526 has also added a few new features to Teams for business and school. A new “Share Window” button is now available when you hover your cursor across an open app in a Teams meeting, so you may share the app’s content right away. You can now mute or unmute your microphone without opening the video/audio calling platform by clicking on a new microphone icon in the lower right corner, added by Microsoft.

Finally, the Amazon App Store for Android apps has been added as a new feature in the latest version. In spite of the official changelog missing the specifics, Android Authority claims that Amazon App Store support for Android apps is available in the United States.

Users must upgrade their Microsoft Store to the newest version and their operating system to version 22000.526 in order to receive the support. There are also a restricted selection of apps to choose from. Also worth noting is that this is a “preview” of the functionality, which means it may be riddled with bugs and other flaws.

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Additionally, Microsoft addresses a number of known issues with this optional update for Windows 11. On your Windows 11 PC, you may access this by going to the Settings >Windows Update and clicking “Check for Updates” to download and install it. You may also download the update manually from this link. Please share your opinions on the update in the comments section below once you’ve installed it.

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