Nintendo Announced That Golf is Finally Coming To Nintendo Switch Sports!

Nintendo Announced That Golf is Finally Coming To Nintendo Switch Sports!

Birdies and bogeys, pay attention! Today, Nintendo revealed that golf will be added to the Nintendo Switch Sports lineup. The 28th of November will mark the release of the free update, which will contain 21 holes from Wii Sports titles.

The update also adds a survival golf mode, which sounds far more entertaining than actual golf. The Nintendo Switch Sports golf update arrives just in time, as odd golf titles such as Cursed to Golf, Golf Story, and What the Golf are becoming increasingly popular.

Golf was absent from the original Nintendo Switch Sports game, much to the dismay of Wii Sports golf fans (including a couple of my colleagues at The Verge). Since its premiere in the spring, Nintendo Switch Sports has received a free update that enhances soccer’s motion controls, allowing you to kick the ball with a Joy-Con attached to your leg.

This is the second big update to the game, raising the total number of games to seven. The seven games are a far cry from Wii Sports Resort’s international selection of sports, although updates like wakeboarding and boxing are hoped for soon.

In case you were unaware, Nintendo Switch Sports was released earlier this year with the golf component promised for a later date. Now, over a half-year later, Nintendo is compelling us to remove Switch Sports from its dreary hiding place and insert it back in the system so we may watch its second wind.

As long as I am not required to play volleyball, I am interested. While it’s fantastic that golf will be available in time for the holidays – the update will go live on November 29 – it’s still puzzling that the must-play addition wasn’t included with the complete game back in April.

Our original Nintendo Switch Sports review felt the title was a touch underwhelming without all the promised content, and we have our doubts that a big exodus will return to the game merely to play a few holes of golf.

This Nintendo Switch Sports golf update appears to be at least rather liberal, with numerous holes, a variety of game modes, and no admission fee (though that should be expected). We do not know whether this new content elevates the game to the same level as Wii Sports, but we are not exactly holding our breath.

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This concludes the information necessary to understand the Nintendo Switch Sports golf update. Check out our selections for the top golf games on Switch and mobile for more exciting drives.

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