How to Update Minecraft on Nintendo Switch

nintendo switch minecraft

As a gaming console, the Nintendo Switch has been performing incredibly well. During previous holiday seasons, it was one of the most bought things. Numerous well-known video games, like Minecraft, have been made available on the console’s new versions.

Playing Minecraft on The Switch

The Nintendo Switch supports the game Minecraft. The Bedrock engine powers the most recent version of Minecraft on Nintendo Switch, which has been updated. Cross-play is now possible in the game. You can play online with buddies using an Xbox or a Windows 10 PC while playing Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch.

nintendo switch minecraft

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Updates for Minecraft on the Switch occur frequently. The Switch version of newly released PC (Java or Bedrock) items, maps, biomes, and enemies is also supported. Once it’s accessible, all you have to do is update the game on the console. The rollout can take a little longer.

The Switch Version of Minecraft

The Nintendo Switch receives online game updates. This implies that in order to check for and download a game update, you need to be connected to the internet. The same applies to Minecraft.

  1. Launch the Nintendo Switch’s eShop.
  2. Look up Minecraft.
  3. You can download an update if it’s available from the game page.

In the background, Minecraft frequently checks for updates. Opening the game will allow you to see if an update prompt is present. If there is, choose it to update the game.

Automatic Update

If Minecraft Doesn’t Update Automatically, You Can Update It Manually.

  1. On the Home Screen of The Switch, Choose Minecraft.
  2. Put Pressure on The Controller’s Plus Button.
  3. Choose Software Update from The Menu.
  4. Use the Internet to Choose.
  5. Updates Will Be Downloaded, Installed and Checked for By the Console.

nintendo switch minecraft

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The Update’s Size Can Range from Tiny to Huge. What Is Being Added to The Game Will Determine This? the Changelog for The Minecraft Bedrock Port on The Nintendo Switch Will Is the Same. the Same Engine Powers It and It Will Have the Same Features.

The Most Recent Edition of Minecraft on The Nintendo Switch Is 1.18.2. This Is an Update for Cliffs and Caves Part 2. the Update Is Accessible Worldwide and Is Not Restricted by Region.


The Switch Version of Minecraft Allows for Cross-Play. Generally speaking, it is a good idea to keep the game updated if you frequently play with friends who use other platforms. The Switch version of Minecraft receives updates a little later than the desktop version, but it is still solidly maintained, so all additions that are announced for the game will also be available on the Switch.


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