How to Avoid Tolls on Google Maps!

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It can be difficult to plan a route without tolls when you’re on the road. Thank goodness, Google knows every toll-free route. Learn how to avoid tolls on Google Maps in this post.

How to Avoid Tolls with Google Maps

Google compiles information on all roads between your starting point and your destination using data from local governments and real-time user feedback.

Google obtains data from various sources regarding tolls, road development, accidents, and other information. Google Maps will reroute you using an alternative route if a road is impassable for whatever reason. However, unless you set Google Maps to steer clear of any toll roads, your path might do so.

It’s quite simple to do this, but each time you create a route, you must tell Google Maps to avoid tolls. Alternately, you can alter the overall settings to always avoid tolls.

How to Avoid Tolls on The Desktop Version of Google Maps

You must switch Google Maps after creating your route while using Google Maps on a desktop browser to avoid tolls.

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1 Open Google Maps in your browser and conduct a search for the location you intend to visit. Select the Directions icon in the left pane to instruct Google Maps to build a route from your present position to the new destination.

2 By scanning for a small blue icon, you may identify the routes with tolls on the new map with directions. You can view the route’s name with red lettering beneath “Toll road” if you move your mouse over the emblem.

3 The route details will appear in the left pane if you choose a route or click Details next to a route. If there are tolls on the route, a warning that reads “This route has tolls” will appear in the header. You may also see the specific parts of the route that have tolls.

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4 Choose Options to remove all tolls from your route. By doing so, a little portion in the left pane with all of your available route alternatives will open. Check the box next to Tolls under Avoid.

Google Maps will then rearrange your trip using alternate routes to avoid all toll roads once you’ve completed this process.

How to Avoid Tolls on The Mobile App for Google Maps

When you build a route using the Google Maps mobile app, you may optionally set Google Maps to avoid tolls.

1 Open the Google Maps application on your smartphone. To find your destination, use the search field. To have Google Maps plot a path from where you are now to this location, use the Directions option.

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2 When the Google Maps route is displayed, click the three dots next to the location box on the right. Tap Route options next.

3 In the pop-up window for driving selections. the box next to “Avoid tolls” should be checked. Choose Done.

Google Maps will adjust the route to remove any toll roads once you submit this edit.

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Never Pay the Toll on Google Maps

You can change a setting in your profile in the Google Maps mobile app to ensure that the software always avoids tolls. You won’t need to change the setting each time you map a new route as a result.

  1. Tap the menu button on the Google Maps app’s main pane. From the menu, choose Settings.
  2. To choose navigation, go to the Settings menu.
  3. Scroll down to the Route choices area in the window for navigation preferences. Turn on the switch next to “Avoid tolls.”

With this option turned on, any new route you create will always use an alternate route, allowing you to always avoid paying tolls while driving.


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