Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Smartwatch Review: Affordable Bluetooth Calling!

Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Smartwatch Review: Affordable Bluetooth Calling!

Indian consumers are increasingly choosing smartwatches over traditional old-school timepieces, which is driving the growth of the smartwatch market in the country.

This is because smartwatches offer a lot more capabilities and perform additional tasks like calling, fitness, and other things.

In India, Noise, a new company, debuted the Noise ColorFit Pro 4, an affordable smartwatch from its ColorFit Pro line.

The watch claims to offer a wide range of health features in addition to a large LCD display and a lengthy battery life. Does the product, however, have hope in the very competitive Indian wearable market? Find out now.

Watch S Specs for Noise ColorFit Pro 4

  • 1.72-inch TFT LCD for the display
  • 60 Hz for refresh rate.
  • 500 nits of brightness
  • Sports modes: over 100
  • 300 mAh battery
  • 7 days or more of battery life
  • 2 hours for charging
  • A Rating of IP68
  • Bluetooth – 5.3
  • the silicone material
  • Dimensions: 44.1, 38.1, and 11.7 mm.
  • Approximately 24.1 grammes

Unboxing and Review of the Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Watch

Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Smartwatch Review: Affordable Bluetooth Calling!

When the black box containing the Noise ColorFit Pro 4 is opened, there is no way to close it again. The package includes:

  • ColorFit Pro 4 Noise smartwatch
  • Cord for A Magnetic Charger
  • Manual for Use

Price & Availability of the Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Watch

Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, GoNoise, and offline retailers all have the Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Watch for Rs. 3499. It is available in the following colours: Silver, Teal Blue, Sunset Orange, Charcoal Black, Deep Wine, Rose Pink, Midnight Blue, and Mind Green.

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Review of the Noise ColorFit Pro 4: Design

When you first glance at the Noise ColorFit Pro 4, the Apple Watch will come to mind. The watch’s metallic frame is rounded with a square display that tapers on the sides.

The watch is offered in the hues of Silver, Midnight Blue, Pink Rose, Deep Wine, Teal Blue, Charcoal Black, and Midnight Green. The watch I received was in the Sunset Orange hue, which made it stand out from the other smartwatches we see in our daily lives.

The watch also has a crown, which is another aspect of design that was taken from the Apple Watch. You can adjust the volume, change the watch face, scroll through the menu, and more using the single crown. Under the crown, there is a little microphone. A speaker is on the opposing side.

It is comfortable to wear the silicone strap for extended periods of time. It didn’t bother me at all as I wore it nonstop for 48 hours. The strap may be changed and is comfortable to wear all day long.

The watch is splash and sweat resistant (IP68 rated), so one is safe there, but I still wouldn’t advise submerging the gadget in water.

Pins on the watch’s rear allow it to be connected to the charger that comes with the package. There are also sensors at the rear, including an accelerometer, SpO2 monitor, and 24-hour heart rate monitor.

When you use the SpO2 and heart rate sensors, they illuminate red and green, respectively. Other than that, the rear has a shiny polish that makes it appear expensive.

The Noise ColorFit Pro 4 measures and features a sturdy construction. Its 24.1-gramme weight makes it feel incredibly light on your wrist. To connect to Apple and Android devices, the watch employs Bluetooth 5.3.

Watch Review for the Noise ColorFit Pro 4: Display

Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Smartwatch Review: Affordable Bluetooth Calling!

In comparison to its predecessor, the Noise ColorFit Pro 4 has a slightly improved display. The watch includes a 1.72-inch TFT LCDH display with a resolution of 356400 pixels that is clearly touch-enabled.

The screen has a refresh rate of 60Hz, which is noticeable when the navigational display responds a little more slowly. The 500 nits brightness level didn’t feel impressive in direct sunshine either.

To see the screen well outside, one had to make an effort. Almost everyone’s wrists can accommodate the dial size, and the display navigation may be controlled using either the single crown on the right side of the watch or by tapping the screen.

By raising your hand while wearing it, the display can be activated. All you have to do is turn on that setting in the support app.

To conserve battery life, the screen will shut down automatically after a brief period of inactivity. Easy notifications can be enabled, along with a few additional options, and brightness may be changed via the brightness bar.

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Performance & Health Features of the Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Watch

The Noise ColorFit Pro 4’s Bluetooth calling compatibility is one of its best features. Calls can be placed and received using the watch. On the left side of the dial, there is a speaker and microphone that can be used for voice communication.

The voice on the other end could be plainly heard in an indoor setting and Bluetooth calls were seamless. Due of the ambient noise, outdoor calling is not entirely seamless.

In order to respond to messages from the watch, notifications can also be activated. The watch contains a dial pad and a call log, and you may choose to save 10 of your contacts so you can call them quickly.

The watch also caters to athletes and fitness buffs. It contains more than 100 sports modes that are practical for participating in a specific sport. The various sports modes include jogging, indoor sports, outdoor sports, hiking, cycling, and more.

This mode, which can be reached by browsing the watch’s screen, offers information about distance travelled, calories burned, heart rate, and other metrics for outdoor activities. The lack of a GPS on the watch can be problematic when travelling. The step counter is inaccurate and should not be trusted.

Health sensors like heart rate, stress levels, and oxygen levels are also included and are highly helpful. The heart rate and oxygen levels were fairly accurate when compared to the readings from the actual equipment, however, the accuracy of the sleep and stress monitoring data cannot be determined.

There are functions like breathing, step tracking, and others. The watch continuously monitors your heart rate and alerts you if it rises or falls too far. Sleep tracking displays light and deep sleep, awake time, and REM sleep, however, I later discovered that its measurements were incredibly inaccurate.

Other settings include DND, Power Saver, Find the Phone and Silent Mode. When the crown is pressed, a variety of information is displayed, including noise health, noise buzz, a clock, sports, workouts, and reminders.

Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Watch Review: Watch faces & app support

When you register yourself on the Noise Fit companion app for Android and iPhone, the Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Watch uses that app to save your data. The main screen displays the specifics of all your activities together with step count, sleep information, heart rate, distance, stress count, and blood oxygen record.

The settings panel displays battery life and customization choices, while the store tab lists available Noise devices for purchase.

There is a vast selection of watch faces available for the ColorFit Pro 4. You can choose from watch faces for chronographs that are abstract, digital, and include personalised images, and graphics.

The settings menu has choices for notification and alerts, Bluetooth calling, adding contacts, heart rate monitoring, setting a drink water reminder, activating the camera shutter, setting a hand wash reminder, setting the global clock, adding stocks, and much more.

The watch has Bluetooth built in at version 5.3 and is compatible with iOS 11 and later. It is compatible with Android 9 and Plus versions for mobile devices. To sync the watch with your smartphone, you must have the Noise Fit App. Pairing is a fairly quick and easy process.

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Battery Life ColorFit Pro 4 Watch Review: Noise

Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Smartwatch Review: Affordable Bluetooth Calling!

A long-lasting 300mAh battery powers the Noise ColorFit Pro 4 smartwatch. When completely charged and subjected to moderate to vigorous use, the battery lasts 7-8 days.

The watch claims to have a 30-day standby battery life. I used the watch continuously for 24 hours, and just 8 to 10% of the charge was lost. The magnetic pin charger that comes in the box took about 2 hours to charge the watch. Given how long the battery lasts, charging it once for two hours shouldn’t be a problem.

Should you get the Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Watch?

The Noise ColorFit Pro 4 smartwatch is an affordable wearable that offers a number of smart functions, including Bluetooth calling, sports modes, a camera shutter, and a long battery life.

The watch features a sturdy construction and is comfortable to use for extended periods of time. The watch can be a nice companion for people looking for a smartwatch around the 4k price bracket, with the only drawbacks being a lacklustre display and unreliable step counts.

The app’s compatibility with Google Fit, around-the-clock heart rate monitoring, and thousands of watch faces are advantages given the product’s price point.


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