How to Install Notepad++ on Windows?

notepad++ download

The primary usage of the free and open-source computer program Notepad++ is as a code editor or text editor. Don Ho was the creator of it. It is offered in around 90 different languages.

It allows you to manage many files in a single window. Only Windows operating systems can use it. It was initially made available on November 24, 2003, and the most recent version is The programming language C++ was used to create it. Its user interface is simple.

How to Set up Notepad++ in Windows:

Install Notepad++ on Windows by performing the actions listed below:

Step 1: Open any web browser and go to the official Notepad++ website. Click on Notepad++ v8.1.9.3 Download.

notepad++ download

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Step 2: Select one of the installer files from the list on the following page by clicking the Download button. The executable file will soon begin to download. It only takes around a minute to download the 4.19 MB file.

Step 3: Locate and launch the executable file that was downloaded to your computer.

Step 4: It will ask for your approval before making any changes to your system. Select Yes.

Step 5: Select the language on the following screen by clicking OK.

notepad++ download

Step 6: The setup screen will show up; select Next.

Step 7: Select I Agree on the License Agreement box that appears next.

Step 8: The installing location screen will appear on the following screen; select the drive that has enough memory for the installation. It required 11.3 MB of RAM.

Step 9: On the component selection screen that follows, all of the options are already checked; simply click the Next button without making any changes.

notepad++ download

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Step 10: Check the box and click Install to generate a desktop icon on the following screen. In a few seconds, the installation will be complete.


Step 11: To complete the installation procedure, click Finish.

The system has successfully installed Notepad++, and a desktop icon has been produced.

Launch the program to view the user interface.

Congratulations!! You’ve now completed the installation of Notepad++ on your Windows computer.


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