Nvidia Officially Confirms that they are Not Acquiring Arm

Nvidia Officially Confirms that they are Not Acquiring Arm

Announcing its acquisition of Arm back in 2020, Nvidia made news. But the acquisition could have been one of the most significant in tech history. However, following recent rumours, this collaboration has been terminated.

Nvidia is not Acquiring Arm

Regulation issues were cited as the reason for the Nvidia-Arm deal’s cancellation. Dealing with Arm would have impacted Arm’s free licencing model and resulted in regulatory lapses in the United States and Europe, it is alleged.

Apple, Qualcomm, and other chipmakers all use the ARM architecture (Advanced RISC Machines), which is known to those who don’t. For these companies, this acquisition might have been a problem, but now that the deal is no longer in place, they may feel relief.

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There were expectations that the deal would be worth up to $80 billion if it had been finalised by the end of 2013. It was valued at $40 billion at the outset. Nvidia will pay Softbank-owned Arm a breakup fee of $1.25 billion as part of both the termination of the agreement. In addition, the American graphics card manufacturer will reclaim its 20-year Arm licence from the government.

Arm has decided to file for an IPO instead, since the deal is no longer usable, in order to make further progress. Arm has been dubbed the “centre of innovation” not only in the mobile phone industry, but also in cloud computing, automotive, the Internet of Things, and also the metaverse.

A blog post by NVIDIA’s Jensen Huang stated, “Arm has a bright future and we’ll keep supporting them as a proud licensee for future decades. ” Arm is at the epicentre of a major computing dynamic. Even though we’re not a single company, we’ll work closely together with Arm. For Arm, Masa’s significant investments have made it possible for Arm to expand its reach beyond client computing to supercomputing, the cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), and robotic systems. I believe Arm has been the most significant CPU architecture in the next decade.”

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Lastly, Arm must have announced that Rene Results produced has been named the company’s new CEO, replacing Simon Segars, effective immediately. If you’ve related query to this news then you can ask in the comment section else bookmark the gadgetgrapvine to stay updated with the latest tech news.

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