On July Fourth, Oprah Winfrey Hosts A Party In Honour Of Her “Ill” Father!

On July Fourth, Oprah Winfrey Hosts a Party in Honour of Her "ill" Father.

For her father, Oprah Winfrey is giving her all. The 68-year-old media mogul surprised her father Vernon Winfrey at a special Fourth of July celebration on Monday.

Oprah claimed that while she was holding a backyard BBQ, the real reason for the event was to celebrate Vernon Winfrey Appreciation Day in a video posted to her Instagram account.

She proudly displayed the banner in honor of her 88-year-old father behind her and explained, “My father is ill, so we wanted to be able to have all of his friends come and celebrate him while he’s able to enjoy the joy.

Oprah responded, “He doesn’t even know that this is for him,” when asked by her best friend Gayle King if her father was “happy” about the party.

She said, “He believes it’s a Fourth of July thing. “He is unaware… He will go outside and observe everything.”

On July Fourth, Oprah Winfrey Hosts a Party in Honour of Her "ill" Father.

Oprah Winfrey listed the food that would be available at the event, including burgers, turkey, fried chicken, and “all that stuff.”

She concluded the clip by including a clip of her father enjoying the moment in a place he was most familiar with. She pointed to her father sitting down across the yard and said, “My dad is a barber, so we put him in the barber chair.

Oprah stated in the post’s caption, “While my father is still healthy enough to smell them, I’m giving him his “flowers.” Happy Fourth of July as you celebrate with your loved ones. Do not forget to honor one another.”

Vernon is now suffering from a sickness that is unknown. Regarding her father’s condition, Oprah said nothing more.

Oprah has been blogging about her time in Nashville, Tennessee, where her father currently resides, for the past three days.

She posted a number of pictures and videos of herself enjoying time with relatives. King, 67, was also featured in one of the films that she published.

They were shown preparing bacon, sausage, and grits in the video, which Oprah captioned, “Making breakfast for the family with @gayleking #Nashvillestyle.”

On July Fourth, Oprah Winfrey Hosts a Party in Honour of Her "ill" Father.

She referred to Vernon as her father, saying, “I had a father who took responsibility for me, even though he knew I could have been someone else’s child.”

She said, “My mother and father were never wed. “They once had sex. After I am born, he receives a letter asking him to send money. Your daughter is yours. He claimed that he did so because it might have been him.

And it was because of his responsibility for me—which included not only a responsibility but also care, love, guidance, and support—that I am who I am today instead of someone you would have never, ever heard of.”

“In my father’s barbershop, I saw that repeatedly. Men would enter, industrious men doing everything in their power to provide for their families while working up to three jobs occasionally, “She went on.

“So that’s the tale of Black fathers I am familiar with, both those I knew growing up and the man I know. They claim that this is the only image that supports the father’s absence is untrue. I intend to express that.”


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