One Plus 11 Pro Leak Leaves Us with More Questions than Enthusiasm!

OnePlus 11 Pro leak leaves us with more questions than enthusiasm

It appears that OnePlus is struggling to stop leaks that reveal its future flagship. The OnePlus 11 Pro’s key characteristics have been revealed by leaker OnLeaks (via 91Mobiles), days after purported 3D schematic renders of the device surfaced online. From top to bottom, it’s a typical flagship affair, although there are a few intriguing details to explore.

It has a 6.7-inch OLED screen with QHD+ resolution, or around 3216 x 1440 pixels, to begin with, the somewhat curved display. The screen refresh rate is 120Hz, and the corner has a circular cutout. Compared to the OnePlus 10 Pro, everything appears to be identical overall.

The OnePlus 11 Pro will be powered by Qualcomm’s forthcoming Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, which is anticipated to be unveiled in December. The phone will apparently be available in two different configurations: one with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, and an overkill model with 16GB of RAM and 256GB of storage.

OnePlus 11 Pro leak leaves us with more questions than enthusiasm

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What the Heck Is that Zoom Camera, Anyway?

The Camera Is Both Incredibly Fascinating and Slightly Depressing. a 50-Megapixel Sensor Is Used in The Main Camera, and If the One Plus 10 Pro Is Any Indication, It Will Produce Stunning Pictures with All that Hasselblad Gear Attached. One Plus Is Using a Big 48 Mp Sensor to Perform Ultrawide Shooting.

In Place of The 8 Mp Camera Seen on The One Plus 10 Pro, One Plus Is Apparently Using a 32 Mp Camera for The Telephoto Zoom. According to Reports, the Optical Zoom Output Will only Be 2x, a Strange Decrease from The 3.3x Output of Its Predecessor.

Instead of Offering a Fuzzy, Enlarged Jumble, One Plus Seems to Be Putting More Emphasis on The End Image Quality by Packing 4 Times More Pixels Into the Zoom Images. It Will Be Interesting to Watch how Digital Cropping Turns out And if Pixel-Binning Is Added to The Mix to Produce Brighter Images with Deeper Colour.

The Theory Behind the Technique Seems Innovative. in Addition, It Goes Against the Whole Premise of Telephoto Cameras, Which Should Ideally Be Centred on Providing the Largest Optical Zoom Output to Record Distant Subjects without Suffering Significantly from Digital Loss.

Consider the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, Whose Telescopic Camera Offers up To 10x Optical Magnification and Produces Unexpected Images.

The One Plus 11 Pro’s Telephoto Camera Gear Appears to Be Limited for A Number of Reasons, One of Which Is the Intrinsic Hardware. the Company Hasn’t Switched to The More Recent and Potent Folding Lens Mechanism Known as A Periscope Zoom Type, Instead Continuing with The Standard Smartphone Zoom Formula with Moving Lens Elements Placed Directly in Front of The Sensor.

The Technology, Which Is Immediately Recognised by A Rectangular Lens Element Rather than The Typical Circular Appearance of The Camera Lens, Was Originally Made Popular by Huawei. Since the Technology Debuted on The Galaxy S20 Ultra, Samsung Has Produced Excellent Results, and Other Chinese Brands Swiftly Followed Suit. for Some Reason, One Plus Keeps Missing the Train.

OnePlus 11 Pro leak leaves us with more questions than enthusiasm

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At Least It Charges Quite Quickly.

Even Though the Zoom Camera Layout Appears Somewhat Depressing, the Charging Setup Is Still Far Superior to The Rivals in The U.S. Market. an Alleged 5,000m Ah Battery for The One Plus 11 Pro Will Allow 100 W Wired Fast Charging.

That’s Around Three Times as Quick as The Mainstream Samsung and Google Flagships and Four Times Faster than The Maximum Charging Rate Reachable with An iPhone 14 Pro. in Contrast, the One Plus 10 Pro’s Maximum Output Was 80 W, Which Was Sufficient to Fully Fill the Tank in Just Over 30 Minutes.

The One Plus 11 Pro Will Also Support 50 W Wireless Charging, or Perhaps Greater, Supposing One Plus Doesn’t Reduce Its Wireless Charging Capabilities. the 5,000m Ah Li-Ion Battery in The Next Phone Should Take 45 to 50 Minutes to Fully Charge at That Maximum Output. an Official Announcement Has Not yet Been Made, however, the OnePlus 11 Pro is anticipated to become official in the first quarter of 2023.


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