One of the finest premium TWS-style earbuds in 2022 was the original OnePlus Buds Pro. The next generation of that product is almost ready for release at the company. On February 7 in India, OnePlus will release the OnePlus 11 and the Buds Pro 2. The retail packaging and image of the Buds Pro 2 that OnePlus has now released confirm the TWS’s design, colour option, and some of its most prominent features.

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Details on the new and improved OnePlus Buds Pro 2

Details on the new and improved OnePlus Buds Pro 2

The new headphones’ stem design is reminiscent of Apple’s AirPods Pro, so they look like the old headphones. The earbuds will be available in a glossy and a matte finish, creating a two-tone look. The Buds Pro 2 are touted to feature a dual 11mm and 6mm audio driver, three microphones on each earbud, active noise cancellation, ambient mode, and more when it comes to audio quality.

The battery life of the Buds Pro 2 is estimated to be 6 hours with ANC enabled, and 9 hours without it; the carrying case is also anticipated to contain enough power for at least two additional charges. The new OnePlus Buds Pro 2 will be available this year, and they’ll be a distinct Arbor Green to set them apart from the original.

 The OnePlus Buds Pro 2 are also expected to have superior audio quality because they were tuned by Dynaudio. The packaging for the Buds Pro 2 also verifies that the headphones are capable of producing high-quality sound and will likely be compatible with codecs such as LHDC 4.0.

These earbuds feature dual drivers measuring 11mm and 6mm, and they connect to devices using Bluetooth 5.2 for a connection that is both seamless and convenient. Additionally, they can connect to two different devices at the same time.

 These earbuds, being a high-end TWS product, also feature intelligent Active Noise Cancellation, which can adjust by up to 48dB depending on the environment in which you are listening.

In addition to this, the earbuds have been certified as being compatible with Hi-Res Audio Wireless, have support for the LHDC 5.0 codec, and offer 360 degrees of spatial audio for an immersive experience.

The low latency mode, which can reach up to 54 milliseconds, the touch controls, the ease with which ColorOS devices can be paired, and the cervical spine health function will all be appreciated by gamers.

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OnePlus Buds Pro 2 Gets Spatial Audio

OnePlus has announced that the Buds Pro 2 will be one of the first headphones to support the spatial audio feature introduced in Android 13. This new feature will incorporate head tracking in order to deliver a multi-dimensional audio experience, which will be comparable to the sensation of watching a movie in a theatre.

In addition, OnePlus has incorporated a bespoke stereo up-mixing algorithm, which gives plain mainstream audio and the audio from video apps a multi-dimensional quality that was previously lacking. Additionally, gaming is another activity that will benefit from spatial audio.

In addition, Google’s Fast Pair will be pre-installed on the OnePlus Buds Pro 2 so that users can quickly connect their headphones to any Android device with just a tap. There is also support for the audio-switching feature that is found on Android, which allows the Buds Pro 2 to pair up with two Android devices at once and switch between them without any interruptions in the audio stream.

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Pricing and Availability Information for the OnePlus Buds Pro 2

In China, the OnePlus Buds Pro 2 can be purchased for a price of 899, which is equivalent to $130. They are available in both of those hues (black and green). Beginning on January 9th, they will be available for purchase. But in Indian it will be on 7th of FEB.


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