Oppo Pad Air Review: Check Out Whether Is It Worth Purchasing Or Not!

Oppo Pad Air Review

There’s a good possibility that if you’ve ever thought about purchasing a tablet for between Rs 15,000 and 20,000, someone has warned you that the software or the build quality of such inexpensive tablets will be subpar.

But recently, several new options from companies like Realme and Oppo have entered the market for inexpensive tablets. The new Oppo Pad Air is an affordable tablet with prices starting at Rs 16,999 for the base 4GB RAM+64GB configuration. But is the price by itself a reason to think about purchasing this tablet? Here is our assessment.

Features of the Oppo Pad Air:

  • 10.36″ and 2000 × 1200 pixels
  • Snapdragon 680 from Qualcomm
  • 4GB RAM plus 64GB or 128GB of storage, with an option for 512GB of additional storage
  • Four speakers, Dolby Atmos support
  • Size: 245.08 x 154 x 6.94 mm, weight: 440 grammes
  • The battery capacity of 7,100mAh and 18W quick charging
  • 5MP front camera and 8MP back camera
  • 12.1 ColorOS

How is the Oppo Pad Air?

The Oppo Pad Air has a unique design that sticks out because of its all-metal body, which gives it a premium appearance. Although the matte surface on the back is attractive, it is easily smudged.

According to Oppo, the “sand dunes” served as the inspiration for the panel’s upper portion. This component feels and has a different texture. Compared to the remainder of the matte body, it has a distinctive appearance. Oppo claims they created their own “Glow technique” to get this appearance. Additionally, the upper panel houses a single 8MP rear camera.

With a thickness of just 6.94 mm, the Oppo Pad Air is a thin tablet. For comparison, the iPad 9th generation is 7.5mm thicker. The Realme Pad X has a price tag of Rs 19,999 and is roughly 7.1 mm thick. The Oppo Pad Air weighs only 440 grammes, which is amazingly little.

The Oppo Pad Air is more than capable of handling these tasks flawlessly if you’re seeking for a simple tablet to carry out everyday entertainment purposes or to take online classes.

My experience with using the tablet to watch Netflix and Hotstar content was positive. Despite not having the sharpest or brightest display, the tablet’s performance is respectable given its budget.

Oppo Pad Air Review

The entire audio experience is extremely great, and it has quad speakers and Dolby Atmos audio.

Additionally, ColorOS 12.1 for the Oppo Pad Air includes a few unique features. Split screen capability for apps like Gmail, Google Chrome, and other programmes allows you to multitask on the tablet.

Additionally, there is support for floating windows and a unique sidebar. Users may rapidly access several features and apps from the sidebar, including snapshots, screen recording, My Files, etc.

For individuals who find a need for them, these capabilities should work flawlessly on approved apps. The Oppo OS does not come with as many preloaded apps as I have seen on some phones, which is another pleasant surprise.

The Oppo Pad Air does well in terms of general performance on a daily basis. With simple chores and gaming, the Snapdragon 680 performs well. I don’t play demanding games on my iPad, though.

The tablet has a 5MP front camera and an 8MP back camera. In particular, for Google Meet or Zoom sessions, the front camera is not bad for video conferences. Although the rear camera is not the best, I wasn’t expecting much here.

A strong 7100 mAh battery is another feature of the Oppo Pad Air. With consistent application, this ought should easily last two to three days. Even with the power-saving mode activated and only 5% battery life left, the tablet did not shut off while I was still viewing a movie.

However, because of the 18W charging, it takes a little longer to recharge; therefore, given the size of the battery, plan to set this aside for at least three to four hours.

What’s wrong with the Oppo Pad Air?

The Oppo Pad Air does not come with a tablet case, which is something I didn’t like about it. Without protection, using the tablet could expose it to the elements.

With a screen this huge, you need to make sure it is safeguarded from drops or falls. Oppo has released a stylus for that, though I haven’t had a chance to use it. However, I can’t find any mention of a cover. That is, by far, the most crucial addition to any tablet, thus its absence is undesirable.

The Oppo Pad Air only comes with 4GB of RAM, which surprises me a little. Although there is the option to increase RAM, I believe that some people would prefer a bigger RAM option.

Oppo Pad Air: Is it worth purchasing?

Oppo Pad Air Review

The Oppo Pad Air is a terrific choice if you’re searching for a low-cost daily usage and leisure tablet. The software does have several useful functions for tablet users, and it has a good look and is lightweight.

The majority of tablet users will like the split-screen and floating windows features. I really wish Oppo would include more accessories, particularly an official cover, with this device.

The Oppo Pad Air is a tablet choice to take into consideration if your budget is less than Rs 17,000 and you don’t want LTE connectivity.


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