Oxygen Os 13 Open Beta 1 For One Plus 10 Pro Users In India And North America Is Now Available!

Oxygen Os 13 Open Beta 1 For One Plus 10 Pro Users In India And North America Is Now Available!

According to the manufacturer, OxygenOS 13 Open Beta 1 (OBT1), which runs on Android 13, has begun rolling out to OnePlus 10 Pro smartphone variants in India and North America.

Additionally, OnePlus stated that the beta would soon be made available for European nations as well. The upgrade lacks some of OxygenOS 13’s features, which will be included in later updates.

Last week in New York City, OxygenOS 13 and the OnePlus 10T were both released. A new “Aquamorphic” design is present in the updated OxygenOS.

The OxygenOS 13 OBT1 is currently available in India and North America, and due to some slightly different features in that region, it will also soon be accessible in Europe, according to a blog on the OnePlus community page.

Oxygen Os 13 Open Beta 1 For One Plus 10 Pro Users In India And North America Is Now Available!

Updated OnePlus 10 Pro smartphones running the most recent OxygenOS 12 version will allow users to sample upcoming features of the recently introduced operating system (A.15).

Being a beta update, it should be reminded that there may be potential dangers and unexpected behavior on the devices.

OnePlus has listed a few potential problems that customers of the OnePlus 10 Pro can encounter.

These problems include a lack of response when pressing Capture Log after switching between multiple users, a system cloner, and languages, blurry pictures when taking several pictures of the same subject while zooming out and using Ultra Dark mode, and screen freezing when recording videos in particular circumstances, and camera freezing, among others.

In accordance with the changelog, the OnePlus 10 Pro will receive updates in the form of Quantum Animation Engine 4.0, which includes a new behavior recognition function, real-world physical motions in animations, and optimized fonts with the recently released OxygenOS 13.

Oxygen Os 13 Open Beta 1 For One Plus 10 Pro Users In India And North America Is Now Available!

Large folders on the phone’s Home screen will allow users to open an app and navigate through the folder’s pages with a swipe as part of efficiency-related changes. Additionally, there are more markup tools for altering screenshots and an improved Quick Settings experience.

The OnePlus 10 Pro OxygenOS 13 beta 1 update’s actual changelog is rather extensive. The connectivity, personalization, security, and privacy, as well as the health and digital wellbeing, performance optimization, and gaming experience, are all other areas that have received enhancements.

You must update to the most recent stable build, make sure the battery level is over 30%, and have a minimum of 4GB of storage if you want to install the open beta on your phone. According to OnePlus, the Open beta builds are incompatible with Carrier version devices.

The following instructions can be used to install and utilize the beta software if you have a OnePlus 10 Pro from India.

  1. Take advantage of the blog’s latest ROM upgrade zip bundle by downloading it.
  2. Transfer the upgrade package to the phone’s memory.
  3. Choose Settings > About device > Version. You’re currently in developer mode by clicking Build number seven times and entering the password.
  4. Returning to Settings > About device > Up to date Toggle to the top right button. installing locally To install the corresponding package, click it. Remove > Upgrade
  5. Click Restart after the upgrade is finished.

For individuals who want to downgrade from Android 12 beta 1 to the stable version, OnePlus is also providing an option and package.


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