P.P. Arnold, A 60s Soul Singer, Asserts Ike Turner Assaulted Her!

P.P. Arnold, A 60s Soul Singer, Asserts Ike Turner Assaulted Her!

In a new memoir, P.P. Arnold, a soul singer who was a member of the Ike & Tina Turner Revenue, discusses her life and makes a startling accusation against Ike Turner.

Ike Turner once held Arnold captive in a room and sexually assaulted her in the middle of the 1960s, Arnold claims in an interview with The Telegraph about her new memoir Soul Survivor. Arnold struggled to control her rage toward Turner after the claimed sexual assault; Turner passed away in 2007 at the age of 76.

“How shall I put it? It was terrible. On that level, I hated Ike, but I didn’t know how to say it “Arnold, now 75, said.

Arnold said, referring to Ike’s ex-wife Tina Turner, “I was informed Tina wanted to get rid of me because Ike was chasing me.” I would have needed to return home if I had run to Tina or contacted my parents.

P.P. Arnold, A 60s Soul Singer, Asserts Ike Turner Assaulted Her!


Arnold believed that if she went back home, her husband’s abuse would resume. She said in an interview with the Telegraph that she and her husband David were compelled to wed following an unsuccessful attempt at getting pregnant with a sterilized coat hanger. At the age of 15, she carried the pregnancy to term and gave birth to Kevin. She later gave birth to Debbie at the age of 17.

Arnold claims that despite having “dealt with” her “deep resentment” about her husband’s abuse. Additionally, she said that as a child, her father beat her.

“Sadly, that is how things were back then. The “Angel of the Morning” believes that slavery and how it damaged black men’s mentality had a lot to do with it “the vocalist claimed.

Arnold claims that after being persuaded to move on by Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger, she eventually quit the Ikettes. She further asserts that she started seeing Jagger even when Marianne Faithfull, his then-girlfriend, was present.

P.P. Arnold, A 60s Soul Singer, Asserts Ike Turner Assaulted Her!

She writes in her memoir, “Mick was in heaven, but Marianne was more interested in me.” “Both she and I had always been good kissers. I tried to let myself go, but I was also uneasy since, in the end, I was more in love with Mick than with her. It had a plantation vibe to it like I was just a toy.”

The singer also talks about her friendship with Jimi Hendrix after relocating to the UK, sleeping with Rod Stewart, breaking into the music business, her second marriage to Jim Morris, and the arrival of her third son, Kojo, in 1971 in her memoir.

She also discusses the passing of her daughter Debbie, who was murdered in a vehicle accident when she was 13 years old. “She possessed a very unique spirit. Since my daughter passed away, I have never been in a committed relationship. Even under everyday circumstances, finding a good man is really challenging. You know, though, it won’t be over until it’s over.”

But she ends on a positive note in the end. “I could certainly use one. What matters is where I am at this moment, “She spoke. “How can I just accomplish something really fantastic with all of my experience?” On Thursday, the candid memoir is scheduled to be published.


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