Parenting Hacks: Implement These Hacks To Make It More Easier!

Parenting Hacks

Every stage of life presents its own set of difficulties, but becoming a parent for the first time? the most challenging of all. Babies, toddlers, and even young children have a tendency of saying the weirdest things—things you might not be equipped to manage if you’re new to parenting.

Children are quite specific, from monsters to mysterious temper tantrums. We also need to adjust because we are the ones in charge of these little individuals in training.

Here Are Some Of The Best Parenting Hacks

Baby-proof the cabinets using hair ties for the time being.

Baby-proofing supplies can be pricey, and if you’re travelling and only need a temporary repair, the cost can quickly pile up. Make your own version using hair ties the old-fashioned way.

Just twist it around each cabinet knob twice, creating an infinite shape. It acts as a forcefield for children, preventing babies from passing through.

Put baby bottles in a caddy in a line

Parenting Hacks

Organizing and using something different? Please say yes! Do you have an old shower caddy that’s been stuffed in a closet? Bring it out once more since infant bottle organisation is made easy with these items.

Place your bottles in a straight line and group the rings and nipples together. The additional hooks and storage area can even be used to keep teethers and pacifiers organised and in one spot. Never again misplace those baby bottles or other essentials on cupboard shelves or drawers!

Towels with holes should be hot glued.

They become mouldy (spoiler). Use a hot glue gun to close up the drainage hole so that bath toys cannot use it. We’re telling you not to cut those bath toys in half and look inside to see what grows. Your stomach will turn just thinking about it.

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On the door, place a pool noodle.

Stop slamming doors now! No more accidents caused by those slammed doors, which is possibly even more crucial. By slicing a pool noodle in half, right down the middle, you can stop this annoying but potentially deadly kid behaviour.

What you get is a kind of foam barrier. It is impossible to slam the door if you stick it to the top of it. In reality, it keeps the door open at all times, just slightly ajar to prevent tender young fingers from becoming entangled.

Put Cheerios in the bathroom sink

Parenting Hacks

Have a boy child? Due to the fact that it has now become a game, potty training has just gotten a whole lot simpler. Five or six Cheerios in the toilet should be plenty to get them practising their aim.

Place a juice box with liquid medication inside.

You do not recall from when you were a child, do you? It was over for me the moment the Robitussin was pulled from the medical cabinet.

Anything to get away from that repulsive liquid medicine that tasted like cherry hell: kick, struggle, scream. (And not only cough syrup either; it seems that all medicine has a particularly unpleasant taste to children.)

However, some clever parents made the decision to divulge the best technique in the world via the internet. Take a juice box and cut out the back using scissors (or use one that has already been cleaned and used).

Face the juice box forward, toward your sick child who is resentful of it, and covertly tuck the medicine container within the cutout at the back. Your child believes that they are drinking juice. As a parent, you are aware that they are receiving the best possible care.

When they first taste it, though, be prepared with a real beverage to help them wash it down.

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Cover the speakers of a toy with tape.

Parents will hear the extremely specific noises of a single toy at all hours of the day and night. Unless you’re utterly against toys with sounds, we can’t completely stop that from happening, but there is a great compromise that is also parent-friendly.

The noise level of the toys is High. You can create a volume button even if the toy doesn’t have one by taping a piece of tape over the speaker. It muffles the sound just enough to keep you sane but not enough to prevent your baby from having fun during playtime.

You might wish to open the toy up and insert the tape internally, if it’s possible, to lessen the chance of choking. Additionally, using heavier-weight tape will allow you to determine how muffled the sound is. Win!

At the beach, use a fitted sheet

Parenting Hacks

Hear us out: although bringing a fitted sheet to the beach may initially seem like a nightmare in the making, it’s actually a ground-breaking concept.

Wrap the fitted portion of the sheet around common beach-day objects like a chair, large beach bag, or cooler. Now that all of the sand has been removed, your infant or toddler is inside the tiny temporary pack-and-play.

On the juice box, always raise the flaps.

Never in human history has a toddler touched a juice box without immediately giving it a squeeze. Did you know that this doesn’t occur if the triangle flaps on either side of the juice box are simply opened?

Yes, the two flaps are the ideal size for small children’s grips. There won’t be any leakage or squeezing if they only grab that portion of the box and not the entire box.

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To catch melting ice pops, use an upside-down cupcake liner.

No baking is needed. Place the ice pop handle through an upside-down cupcake liner. Now the liner will catch any falling, melting ice pop pieces and even keep your child’s hands from becoming overly sticky.

Maintain rubber bands on the restroom door.

Any door that you don’t want to be locked can be made baby-proof by using the clever cabinet door hack.

Kids won’t “accidentally” lock themselves in—or lock you out—by putting a rubber band on both the inside and outside doorknobs of the door, whether it’s the bathroom door or your child’s bedroom door (forming an “X” that retains the latch inside the door).


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