Physical Season 2 Release Schedule – Check Out The Episodes List!

Physical Season 2 Release Schedule

On Friday, June 3, the second season of Physical launched on Apple TV+. Sheila Rubin, Rose Byrne’s character in the second season of the show, is set to launch her fitness business. But that’s not how things are going to work out.

Though her debut video was a success, it doesn’t mean she will be given the financial backing she needs to become the next big thing in fitness. That means Sheila will have to work hard to establish her personal brand and network, and stay abreast of the current trends in her profession, all while maintaining her position in such a crowded market.

It doesn’t help that Sheila and her husband are becoming increasingly irritated with one another. But this new world has also opened her up to chances she could only have dreamed of, as well as people…or should we say someone who’s caught her eye.

On top of that, a woman has accused Sheila of stealing her routines, and you’ve got a Physical season 2 that’s nothing but drama, ambition, and smouldering scandal.

The release date for the second season’s episodes on disc

“Don’t You Want Me,” the opening episode of the 10-episode second season of Physical, premiered on June 3rd. Physical is a show you can count on to keep you entertained for the majority of the summer, with the final episode airing on August 5.

Physical season 2 release schedule

Physical Season 2 Release Schedule

  • Episode 1: “Don’t You Want Me” – Friday, June 3
  • Episode 2: “Don’t You Ever Stop” – June 10
  • Episode 3 – June 17
  • Episode 4 – June 24
  • Episode 5 – July 1
  • Episode 6 – July 8
  • Episode 7 – July 15
  • Episode 8 – July 22
  • Episode 9 – July 29
  • Episode 10 (season finale) – August 5

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Physical’s second season episode 1 Recap

Sheila stares at herself in a giant mirror while her internal monologue rambles on in the first episode, “Don’t You Want Me.” For the purpose of self-motivation, she is rehearsing a critical talk she is about to have with a few high-ranking individuals.

However, it is her first opportunity to capitalise on some much-needed success as the aspiring housewife who has been fighting her own inner demons and an evil eating disorder for years. She struts into the party in a bright yellow dress and tries to strike up a conversation with businessman Auggie Cartwright.

Physical Season 2 Release Schedule

Both Danny and Sheila are eager to leave this party because of the phoney smiles and the misogyny on display. They leave in a limo, where Danny continues to wax lyrical about the deplorable who attended the party. He continues to rage, and Sheila’s inner voice is at odds with the words she is trying to say.

Despite her best efforts, she is unable to keep it from leaking out. Danny is taken aback when Sheila yells, “I hate you,” in a loud voice. Sheila finally has the strength to stand up to this scumbag politician, and it’s a wonderful and relieving experience. A further act of disobedience comes in the form of an embarrassing attempt by him to laugh it off.

It’s a good start, with enough room to examine the characters’ complex psyches while still keeping the tale going forward. The show has been lacking in both drama and humour thus far, but it is hoped that the series will find its feet after it has had more time.

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The cast of Physical Season 2

It’s important to note that the network has yet to announce the casting of new cast members or the departure of any existing characters for Physical Season 2. In addition, some of the original cast members are anticipated to return for the upcoming season.

Physical Season 2 Release Schedule

Included in this season’s major cast are:

  • Actress Sheila Rubin (Rose Byrne)
  • Danny Rubin is played by Rory Scovel.
  • In the role of Jerry, Geoffrey Arend
  • Playing John Breem, Paul Sparks
  • Pucci’s Tyler, played by Lou Taylor Pucci.
  • Bunny Kazam is played by Della Saba.
  • The role of Greta was played by Dierdre Friel
  • Simone is played by Ashley Liao.
  • Ernie is played by Ian Gomez.

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The White Lotus actor Murray Bartlett will portray fitness instructor Vincent “Vinnie” Green in the upcoming second season of the show on Apple TV+.

A trailer for the second season of Physical

Here’s a look at the new Physical season 2 trailer.


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