Pico’s New VR Headset Beats Meta to The Punch with Glorious Color Passthrough!

Pico's New VR Headset Beats Meta to the Punch With Glorious Color Passthrough

A new version of Bytedance and Pico’s well-known VR headset has recently been launched; it matches the Meta Quest 2 in many ways while outperforming it in others.

Like the Quest 2, the Pico 4 provides both a standalone and a PC-connected experience but adds a feature that Meta has yet to master: full-color passthrough. Passthrough, as it’s known in VR, is the ability to see the environment around you while using the device.

This is useful for avoiding obstacles like furniture and controllers as well as just determining where external noise is coming from.

Pico's New VR Headset Beats Meta to the Punch With Glorious Color Passthrough

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When wearing the headset, Quest 2 only provides an extremely grainy black-and-white pass-through, making it challenging to see what is happening. This issue will be resolved by the Pico 4′s full color and greater definition.

Other than that, the specifications are strong, giving Meta a serious run for its money in the field of standalone VR headsets. A Qualcomm XR2 processor, an Adreno 650 GPU, and 8GB of RAM power the Pico 4. Each eye display boasts better than 4K resolution, at 4,320 x 2,160, with a 105-degree field of view, and the battery allows for three hours of use per charge.

Four full-color cameras on the exterior are used for locating and enabling passthrough, and the headgear comes with two custom vibration-enhanced controls.

Additionally, Pico is developing Pico Worlds, a section of the Metaverse where users may play games with friends, watch live concerts, and more.

Just $20 more than the current pricing of the 64GB Quest 2 model, the Pico 4 with 128GB of storage costs $420. Next month, preorders start, and the headset will ship on October 18.


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