Preorders Are Open for New 2023 MacBook Pros and Mac Mini with M2 Chips

Preorders Are Open for New 2023 MacBook Pros and Mac Mini with M2 Chips

Apple has unveiled changes to its hardware for the year 2023. The first new product is a 14-inch and 16-inch version of the MacBook Pro notebook. These can be fitted with either an M2 Pro or M2 Max chip, based on the required amount of power. Also forthcoming is a new Mac Mini with either an M2 or M2 Pro processor. All of these machines are available for preorder from Amazon and other retailers on January 24. Let’s dive in.

14-Inch 2023 MacBook Pro

M2 Pro Chip

M2 Max Chip

Amazon offers 14-inch laptops with the specifications listed above. Below you will find the complete specifications.

16-Inch 2023 MacBook Pro

M2 Pro Chip

M2 Max Chip

Each of the new MacBook Pro computers is an extraordinarily potent machine. M2 Pro variants feature up to a 12-core CPU, a 19-core GPU, up to 32GB of unified memory, and a memory speed of 200GB/s. The M2 Max variants have a 12-core CPU, up to a 38-core GPU, up to 96GB of unified memory (! ), and 400GB/s memory bandwidth.

They use Apple’s Liquid Retina XDR display technology with “extreme dynamic range” and ProMotion for smooth scrolling and gaming. The 14-inch device has a battery life of up to 12 hours of wireless web browsing or 18 hours of movie streaming. The 16-inch model’s larger battery allows for 15 hours of web browsing and 22 hours of video streaming.

You’ve arrived to the correct location if you’re seeking ports. These devices, unlike many newer MacBook models, include a substantial number of built-in ports. You have access to a MagSafe 3 charging connector, three Thunderbolt 4 connections, a headphone jack, an HDMI output, and a memory card slot.

Apple’s MacBook Pro models offer extra customization possibilities; for more information, see their website.

2023 Mac Mini

M2 Chip

M2 Pro Chip

As with its predecessors, the Mac Mini is a pleasantly tiny computer, but its M2 or M2 Pro processor offers it plenty of power. The M2 chip features a CPU with 8 cores, a GPU with 10 cores, up to 24GB of unified memory, and a memory bandwidth of 100GB/s. The M2 Pro chip includes a maximum 12-core CPU, a maximum 19-core GPU, a maximum 32GB of unified memory, and a memory speed of 200GB/s.

In contrast to many Apple gadgets (with the exception of the preceding MBP versions), the 2023 Mac Mini has a respectable number of connectors. It contains an Ethernet connector for Internet connectivity. It includes two USB-A connectors and two Thunderbolt 4 ports. It also contains a headphone jack and an HDMI port for connecting a monitor, unlike the iPhone.

I should emphasise that the only accessories included with the Mac Mini are the gadget itself and a power cord. This necessitates the usage of an HDMI cable, a display, and a mouse and keyboard. If you desire more customising options than what Amazon offers, you can find it on Apple.

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